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Fuzzy Logic Robotics launches platform that enables users to go from CAD to control with one software

Startup company Fuzzy Logic Robotics has launched a new, “easy-to-use and universal” software platform which it says “reduces robotics programming costs by 10”.

The first release of Fuzzy Studio, during Hannover Messe Industry 2021, is described as a “game changer” for unlocking flexible robotic production.

Fuzzy Logic Robotics highlights some of the features available in Fuzzy Studio as follows:

  • Drag and drop CAD parts into the 3D digital twin, automatically generate complex trajectories and deploy to the production robot in one click – all with one universal software platform.
  • From offline simulation to real-time control, Fuzzy Studio removes the gap between simulation and reality to reduce downtime and streamline the robotics workflow.
  • Designed from the ground up to drastically reduce the need of robotics expertise thanks to no-code real-time digital twin technology.
  • With two clicks, swap between any make and model of robot to find the right one for the application – no need to switch softwares and redo time-intensive design work.
  • Handles even the most complex robotic applications and accessible to any size of company.

Both industrial and collaborative robotics are too costly for truly flexible production due to the complexity of software and integration, says Fuzzy Logic.

Today, only a few handling applications, such as pick-and-place, have been made truly accessible to non-experts and thus cost-effective for flexible production. The vast majority of robotic and cobotic applications, however, require complex and heterogeneous software tools and brand experts.

These tools require significant training and expertise. As a result, more than 75 percent of the total cost of ownership of a robot are related to software training and services in standard mass production. In flexible production, this number can skyrocket to over 90 percent of the TCO and kill the potential return on investment of the robotic system.

The solution, says the company, is one intuitive platform for all steps – Fuzzy Studio, with which “any factory can automate with robotics quickly, simply and cost-effectively – even for complex applications in processing, dispensing and welding”.

  • Intuitive and simple like a video game.
  • One standard interface for all brands of robots.
  • Industrial grade precision and performance for real time control of the robot.

Fuzzy Studio covers all of the steps in the integration of a robotic workcell, from pre-project, design, and commissioning to real-time production control, inline reprogramming and maintenance.

Designed to accelerate robotic uptake and usage for all stakeholders, from major manufacturers to small and medium-sized businesses, to systems integrators and even robot original equipment manufacturers. The company says Fuzzy Studio has numerous additional features which users would find useful.

Select robots from an extensive library: Browse through a comprehensive collection of robot models from the supported brands and filter by specification.

Import cad and 3D files easily: Quickly construct a robotic system with high fidelity and interactive CAD and 3D objects. Formats supported: 40+ formats including industrial CAD STEP and IGES.

Find the right end-of-arm tooling: Select from multiple tooling options from top manufacturers or import custom designed tools. All supported tools are plug and play compatible.

Visually create and modify trajectories: No more confusing lines of code or coordinate systems. Visually construct tool trajectories. Modify trajectories in real-time, see the changes in 3D, and execute them directly on the real robot.

Drag and drop automatic trajectory generation: Drag and drop 3D CAD objects into the design and proprietary algorithms automatically generate tool trajectories, which avoid collisions, save time, enhance performance, and reinforce safety. Turn hours of meticulous labor into a few easy clicks.

Create a full process without code: Orchestrate trajectories, tools, sensors, and synchronize I/O. No code to write.

Swap any robot and keep working: Thanks to proprietary algorithms, users can easily swap any robot with two clicks in their design to find the right one for the job. All trajectories and processes are automatically re-computed and incompatibilities can be fixed easily.

Deploy with one click: Thanks to deterministic real-time control algorithms: “what you see in simulation is what you get in reality”. Deploy an entire application with one click to the production robot and bridge the gap between simulation and reality. Monitor and adjust processes directly and in real-time.

Fuzzy Logic Robotics provides a “pure software solution” to go from CAD to real-time control of robots, making a “clear difference” in demanding applications such as grinding, painting, welding, and gluing.

The startup says its mission is to “enable the next revolution in robotic automation by crushing complexity and transforming the way people interact with and use robots”.

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