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Popular JavaScript Frameworks Used by JavaScript Development Companies

JavaScript is a programming language that developers use to create web pages, web apps, and cross-platform apps.

It helps you to develop front-end as well as back-end infrastructure. Most of the interactive features on the web pages are developed using this language.

Developers use different JavaScript frameworks to develop apps and pages.

What is JavaScript Framework?

It is nothing but JavaScript tools. In order to write codes and develop websites and apps, development companies use different types of JavaScript frameworks.

You can easily use multiple frameworks to develop a fully functional website or mobile application. Frameworks are simple and easy to use.

You don’t need complete programming experience to use it. It helps you to develop short and clean codes.

Popular Frameworks Used by a software product development company:

There are different types of JavaScript frameworks, but some are highly popular and widely used.

Here are some of the popular frameworks used by JavaScript Development Companies.


It is one of the most popular and powerful JS frameworks. It is developed by Google and helps you to create single-page apps on the web. This framework helps you to easily combine JavaScript with other programming languages.

There is a huge community that supports and uses this framework. It helps you to create lightweight scripts. This framework is versatile and easy to use. You will get lots of features with this tool.


This is another open-source framework used by JavaScript Development Companies. It helps you to create user-interface and front-end infrastructure. You can use it to create complex web pages and apps.

It is simple and easy to use. You can easily use it to develop progressive web apps. It is easy to integrate with other programming languages.


If you are running a Software product development company, you must use this framework. It forms the core of the programming language.

The majority of the developers use this tool for developing web apps and web pages. It is developed by Facebook. You can use it to develop high-speed web pages which are scalable.

There is a huge community of developers who use this framework. You can easily link it with other frameworks and programming languages. It is faster and flexible.


If you want to develop a highly interactive application, you can use this JavaScript framework. It helps you to develop real-time web apps.

You can easily establish front-end and back-end communication with this tool. It comes with a separate front-end framework called Blaze. All the updates are done automatically.

It helps in the convenient deployment of the software. There is a supportive Meteor community, so you don’t have to worry about books and guides.


This is another popular open-source framework development company use. It is a server-side platform. Nowadays, most websites are developed using this framework.

It is developed by Google and works as a cross-platform framework. It is efficient and lightweight. This framework has the largest open-source library.

These are some of the most popular JavaScript frameworks Software product development company uses for project development.

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