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Android versus iOS Bitcoin trading apps: Finding the winner

The Android vs. iOS rivalry goes back to the early days of smartphones.

The proponents of both operating system and digital environments cite the benefits that their technology (or methodology) offers. And even now, when almost all major apps have both variants, and exclusivity in respective applications is not as common as it is among different video game consoles, people still try to argue that one is better than the other.

Does this idea extend to bitcoin trading apps as well?

Android vs. iOS Bitcoin trading
Thankfully for bitcoin traders, there are winning apps in either category and the most well-known apps available for both Android and iOS. So you can pick a winner, rooting for either side. That said, both Android and iOS have their core strengths and weaknesses, which might reflect in their separate bitcoin trading apps as well.

For example, if you are only looking for apps native to one of the two environments, you won’t have many choices because most trading platforms try to create dual apps for both Android and iOS to reach and cater to a wider audience pool.

But even amongst those choices, the chances are that there might be fewer iOS bitcoin trading apps compared to android apps for the same purpose.

The apps are designed and run on different computer languages, so two counterparts of a single app might have a slight difference when it comes to speed and execution. But it would be so minimal that for most of the time, you might not even notice it.

iOS animations tend to be better rendered than android ones (though it might not matter much in trading apps) and therefore have more aesthetic appeal. This might become a deciding factor if you want your candle graphs and charts to look a certain way.

Another issue is that iOS and bitcoin apps are generally designed with different target audiences in mind. This might be less obvious in apps that are available on both platforms because the app developers seek to convey the same brand image on all their platform variants, but you might find some native apps more user friendly, based on whether you are an avid iOS user or have always used an android device.

Some people believe that due to the number of Apple devices that the apps run on and a relatively “close” development sphere and tighter rules around app development, iOS apps have a better finishing and security features.

But on the other end of the spectrum, the android development community is far larger and open, which means the rate of improvement, and new development features might be introduced more rapidly in android devices.

To re-iterate the point, even though the two operating systems and the devices they run on are very different, you might not lose out on trading opportunities or some important features by favoring either iOS or Android.

You don’t have to switch from an iOS phone to Android just for bitcoin trading (or vice versa), and you can find great trading apps on both.

Even if the iOS and android background is not a major concern when you are choosing your bitcoin trading app like the bitcoin equaliser login there are several other things you need to look into, i.e., the number of trading pairs the app offers, features, safety, etc.

You need to understand which features are most important to you, how is the app’s history of staying up (some apps tend to crash down when there is too much market activity), and whether it’s connected to a regulated exchange or not. These are just a few things that should influence your decision, not the iOS or Android origin of the app.

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