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Ava says its telepresence robot ‘revolutionizing real estate industry’s digital capabilities’

Ava Robotics says its telepresence robot is “revolutionizing real estate industry’s digital capabilities”. (See video below.)

In response to the severe limitations created by Covid-19 lockdowns, Ava Robotics, a leader in creating intelligent robots for the workplace, partnered with Austrian real estate company SIGNA and Cisco partner FRINK Advanced Services to create a fully digital, remote sales experience powered by Ava’s telepresence robots.

Ava Telepresence assists realtors and clients in remote, contactless home tours that allow the customer to have more control and better access to viewing a property and interacting with a sales agent.

Franz Hillebrand, Signa CIO, says: “Using Ava to enable sales and add value for customers is a success story for SIGNA and demonstrates new standards and aspirations for real estate industry transformation.

“Truly, this is what workplace robotics is all about: empowering people, places, and processes to be more fluid, agile and responsive to industry conditions.”

The Cisco Webex-enabled Ava Telepresence robot allows potential buyers to seamlessly “teleport” to various real estate sites regardless of their physical location. Customers can virtually walk through a space, see finishes and rooms, and interact with their seller in ways not seen since the onset of the pandemic.

Alyson Hoagland Pace, director of product management at Cisco, says: “We are always excited to see the innovation companies bring to their customers when they tap into Cisco’s technology.

“Using the Cisco Webex-enabled Ava Telepresence robot to revolutionize the real estate industry is just the tip of the iceberg for the endless possibilities this partnership will bring.”

Rob Kutner, Ava VP of sales, says: “Ava lets you explore spaces in a more immersive and personal way.

“SIGNA recognized the opportunity to do more for their remote customers and called on Ava’s expertise to make it a reality. Offering them a real-feel walkthrough that lets them control their experience has resulted not only in more confident decisions and positive outcomes but has changed the real estate industry as we know it.”

Claudia Kaefer, CEO of FRINK advanced services, says: “For FRINK, it’s all about finding creative, digital solutions that strengthen our customers’ business.

“The Ava robot is a great example, as it allows clients like SIGNA to keep their business running – and to create a superior customer experience in the process.”

The digital customer experience is the future for workplaces both now and long after the pandemic. Ava is committed to helping support this transformation for business and industries across the globe.

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