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RB-KAIROS +: the best solution for Universal Robots e-Series users

Collaborative Mobile Robots are one of the most important hits of Industry 4.0, where robots and humans operate together, each one providing its own particular strengths and complementing each other to achieve greater efficiency.

These robots are in charge of repetitive tasks and, on the other hand, the professionals of the industry have the creativeness and the solution-problems capabilities to obtain the maximum benefit of robotics, and achieve this objective.

RB-KAIROS + has been designed as a mobile solution to expand the possibilities of the e-Series Universal Robots arms and improve the efficiency of the production chain.

What is RB-KAIROS +?

RB-KAIROS + is a mobile robotic platform designed for the plug & play integration of Universal Robots e-Series arms, providing mobility and autonomy to the cobot and allowing it to move efficiently around the workplace.

RB-KAIROS+ is extremely useful for industrial applications such as pick and place, part feeding, metrology, quality control, operations on large parts or packaging, cleaning, polishing, screwing, drilling, etc. Without a doubt, it is an excellent way to improve the productivity of any factory.

Features of collaborative mobile manipulator RB-KAIROS+

This mobile manipulator is a UR+ certified product. That guarantees its compatibility with the UR3, UR5, UR10, UR3 e, UR5 e, UR10 e, and UR16 e models.

Its design consists of a mobile steel platform capable of carrying up to 250 kg of payload with omnidirectional sliding kinematics and 4-wheels drive.

Robotnik allows a wide range of configurations of the RB-KAIROS+, with sensors and components that create an integral, autonomous, and fully adapted collaborative mobile manipulator for the UR+ ecosystem.

RB-KAIROS +: advantages for my factory

Thanks to the automation through collaborative mobile robots and collaborative mobile manipulators, the potential of the cobots can be expanded:

  • Large potential in several industry tasks.
  • Higher profitability due to the need for a single investment in the unique mobile platform compatible with the entire Universal Robots e-Series.
  • An increase in productivity due to automation.
  • Safer and more flexible environments, with a mobile platform capable of sharing space.

The qualitative improvement provided by RB-KAIROS +

Another of the many advantages that RB-KAIROS + provides is the increase of the work potential of the robotics arms, performing mechanical, constant and repetitive tasks.

The highest movement capacity, together with the rotation of the cobot, allows faster and more accurate quality control and metrology tasks.

RB-KAIROS + can support up to 250 kg payload, so the fit can perfectly help the robotic arm to improve the handling of large packages and the automation of storage tasks, making better use of space and improving time response.

The synergy between Robotnik and Universal Robots has allowed us to create RB-KAIROS + and improve our Collaborative Mobile Robots (CMR) portfolio, attending to the needs of the current automated industries.

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