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Blue Yonder launches inaugural ‘AI 50 List’ of world’s most influential artificial intelligence leaders

Software developer Blue Yonder launched its inaugural AI 50 List today, highlighting people who the company believes are the “top thought leaders, innovators, and influencers working to advance the development and adoption of artificial intelligence globally”.

Identified by its team of hundreds of data scientists and machine learning (ML) experts, Blue Yonder sought out the most prominent AI players across a myriad of industries and geographies to honour their profound impact on advancing the business value and understanding of AI.

Uwe Weiss, executive vice president – machine learning at Blue Yonder, says: “While the world continues to navigate uncertainty, AI continues to help people and the planet, by enabling companies to make better predictions and business decisions, saving time, money, and waste.

“In our mission to work towards a more sustainable and better future, we believe our inaugural AI 50 list has never come at a better time.

“We believe the worthy individuals on this year’s list will continue to advance the understanding of the impact of AI on the world and we look forward to working with many of them in that regard. Congratulations to each honouree.”

The list is comprised of honourees in the following categories: media, business leaders, academics, influencers, and data scientists. To compile the list, Blue Yonder examined thought leaders across each category who are using or advancing AI in unique ways.

This includes spearheading AI initiatives at their respective organizations, overseeing the development of new AI solutions, promoting AI education through authored books or papers, or reporting about AI to spread awareness.

Each honouree not only possesses AI knowledge and expertise, but also has a personal platform that they leverage to encourage discussions or share educational resources focused on AI.

Blue Yonder helps companies globally with their digital supply chain journeys through its Luminate Platform, which leverages industry-leading AI and ML.

Developed by one of the largest teams of PhD-level retail and supply chain data scientists, Luminate AI and ML enables companies to see deviations and potential business disruptions automatically and early.

This combination gives companies complete supply chain visibility, orchestration and recommendations that enable better business decisions.

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