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Elementary Robotics unveils ‘industry’s first’ cloud-based AI camera system

Elementary Robotics, a rapidly-growing AI vision startup, has unveiled what it claims is the first AI camera system for cloud-based inspection.

The new system, which combines software, deep learning AI, and camera systems make it “faster and easier” for manufacturers to use.

The company also appointed Monique Apter as EVP of sales and marketing and Milind Karnik as EVP of engineering.

Founded in 2017, Elementary has built a hardware and software platform for applying machine learning and computer vision for intelligent automation of quality and traceability workflows in manufacturing and logistics.

Manufacturers have long used computer vision to inspect products for defects or other problems, but this traditionally involved programming rules for identifying flaws, making it time-consuming to deploy and change the equipment.

Using AI, inspection systems can be fed examples of particular flaws or be trained on what a product is supposed to look like and asked to identify abnormalities. AI based vision yields 90 percent more detections in manufacturing and can be deployed in less than 30 minutes.

Elementary’s AI camera system for cloud-based inspection provides AI models that allow non-technical operators to teach systems to find defects.

The solution also delivers cloud analytics, allowing manufacturers to deploy, upgrade and keep an eye on their production lines remotely, from anywhere in the world, to ensure the delivery of top quality goods to their customers.

To date, several manufacturers in consumer packaged goods, logistics and automotive have deployed the system, including many large industry leaders such as Toyota, as well as local establishments such as Chicago-based Home Run Inn Pizza.

Home Run Inn Pizza uses Elementary’s technology to ensure consistent quality in their frozen pizzas which are delivered to 30 states across the country.

Nick Perrino, COO at Home Run Inn/Pizza, says: “We are excited for the opportunity to leverage Elementary’s innovative technology to ensure the highest quality all natural pizza is making it into our customers’ hands.

“The ease of use of this technology, coupled with its rich data analytics, gives us the power to take quality to the next level.”

Mohammed Islam, partner at Threshold Ventures, says: “Elementary is solving a massive problem that customers need to solve around visual inspection in the trillion-dollar manufacturing industry.

“The rapid adoption of new applications enabled by computer vision is growing exponentially. Elementary’s new Cloud-Based AI Camera System for inspection is an industry first that will finally bring the level of automation and precision to manufacturing inspection that has been needed for years.”

Elementary Robotics recently moved into a larger office space in Pasadena, California and has significantly grown its customer base and revenues, and plans to double employee headcount in 2021 to meet strong customer demand.

The company has also rounded out its executive team with the recent appointments of two senior executives with decades of sales, marketing, and engineering expertise who will help steer the company as it continues on its rapid growth trajectory.

Apter says: “While manufacturers have successfully deployed robotics and other automation technologies to reduce the cost of goods to consumers and accelerate manufacturing times to meet consumer demand, the inspection process has largely remained a manual process.

“Our new AI camera system for cloud-based inspection, will enable manufacturers to keep an eye on their production lines remotely and deliver top quality goods to their customers.”

Karnik was previously SVP of engineering at Cylance, which was acquired by Blackberry at the end of 2018 for $1.4 billion. He has also held senior engineering positions at QLogic, LSI Corporation, Dell and Intel.

Arye Barnehama, founder and CEO of Elementary Robotics, says: “I am thrilled to welcome two new leaders to our executive team.

“Both Milind and Monique have proven track records and bring the leadership philosophy that will be invaluable as we continue to grow the organization and provide our customers with the advanced level of automation and precision to manufacturing inspection they deserve.”

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