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Einride and Electrolux enter innovation partnership to electrify transport

Autonomous and electric truck developer Einride and home appliance giant Electrolux have agreed a partnership to “electrify transport”.

Operations are planned to start in the second half of this year.

The companies say their partnership will save hundreds of tonnes of CO2 within the first three years, compared to diesel freight. It also signifies a crucial first step for two companies deeply invested in technological innovation and sustainability.

For Electrolux, the deal represents a commitment to reduce environmental impact and cost by adopting cutting-edge technologies throughout the supply chain to improve efficiency. For Einride it’s an opportunity to grow with and learn from a global leader in manufacturing and supply chain.

Anders Linnarsson, head of Electrolux logistics, says: “Sustainability is central for us at Electrolux, and we have a strong interest in reducing our impact in every facet of the business, especially transport.

“By partnering with Einride to introduce electric, and with an ambition to add autonomous, technology to our supply chain, we’re staying ahead of the curve for the short- and long-term.”

The partnership will start with electric transport services in Sweden by the spring of 2021 by incorporating digitally connected electric trucks.

Future possible expansions of the partnership contain autonomous electric transport in the form of the Einride Pod, which Einride claims is “the world’s first autonomous, electric heavy transport to operate without a driver on a public road”.

The entire operation is coordinated and scaled up with Einride’s freight mobility platform, which includes dedicated shipper and carrier portals with real time updates and detailed sustainability reporting, as well as information for further implementation of electric and autonomous freight.

Jonas Hernlund, chief commercial officer of Einride, says: “To further develop and scale our groundbreaking freight mobility solutions, it is crucial to partner with like-minded organizations, those that hold sustainability and technological development as core values.

“Electrolux has a long history of improving our home lives and we look forward to driving the change to a better future of freight together.”

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