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Veo Robotics signs up Calvary Robotics as first integration partner

Veo Robotics, an industrial automation company building technology to make robots responsive to humans, has agreed a partnership with Calvary Robotics, a developer of custom automation solutions, robotic platforms, and material handling systems, as its initial certified systems integrator partner.

Calvary will include Veo’s flagship product FreeMove, a “3D safeguarding solution” that is said to turn standard industrial robots into collaborative machines that work safely with humans, as part of its solution offering to customers.

The Veo team will provide training to the Calvary team on how to install FreeMove in various manufacturing settings.

Patrick Sobalvarro, Veo Robotics CEO and co-founder, says: “We are thrilled to partner with Calvary Robotics as our first certified systems integrator.

“This partnership will help us establish strong customer relationships with manufacturing engineers and improve flexibility in manufacturing so they better incorporate safe, dynamic, and effective human-robot collaboration.”

Joe Gemma of Calvary Robotics, says: “Veo Robotics has created a first-of-its-kind safeguarding system that significantly reduces the cost and complexity of human-robot collaboration.

“We are excited to offer their FreeMove system as part of our solution.”

This is the first of more systems integrator partnerships for Veo to provide its FreeMove system to customers in automobile manufacturing, durable goods manufacturing, and others.

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