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BlueBotics’ ANT navigation drives autonomous vehicles over 10 million kilometers

BlueBotics’ ANT navigation software for warehouse vehicles  is now estimated to have driven automated guided vehicles and autonomous mobile robots over 10 million kilometers.

ANT stands for “automation navigation technology” and has been installed in vehicles used for applications ranging from warehousing and manufacturing to commercial cleaning services, ultra-violet disinfection and more.

Dr Nicola Tomatis, CEO of BlueBotics, says: “The timing of this milestone is perfect as it comes the same month that we celebrate the company’s 20-year anniversary.

“It is amazing to think that our customers’ ANT driven vehicles have driven over 10 million kilometers, almost 250 times the circumference of the globe. This achievement really speaks to the robustness of our industry-proven ANT technology.”

ANT navigation is popular with manufacturers and end users of AGVs, automated forklifts and AMRs, since it simplifies and shortens vehicle installation times as well as providing flexible, accurate and user-friendly operation.

The technology suits a myriad of vehicle types and kinematics, from small 100 kg AMRs to 30-ton heavy load transporter AGVs.

In addition, with BlueBotics’ accompanying ANT server software, users whose vehicles are driven by BlueBotics’ ANT lite+ product can create and operate a synchronized fleet of ANT driven vehicles, no matter what the type or even brand.

All of these vehicles are able to interact seamlessly with on-site equipment and machinery, including an organization’s existing WMS/MES/ERP software, using ANT server’s simple API.

Dr Tomatis says: “In arriving at our 10-million-kilometer milestone, we conservatively estimate that AGVs driven by ANT technology have worked more than one million days – over 2,500 years – of commercial operation.”

“It is exciting to see the impact ANT technology is having, both on the AGV market and – most importantly – on the efficiency of those companies that operate ANT driven vehicles. With our continuing strong growth, it shouldn’t be long before ANT driven products will have circumnavigated the globe 500 times!”

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