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UBTech reveals robot ox on ‘the most watched TV show on Earth’

UBTech Robotics, a developer of intelligent humanoid robots and artificial intelligence technologies, has displayed its first four-legged ox robot at the 2021 CCTV New Year Gala, commonly known as Spring Festival Gala, which is the most watched TV program in the world.

As 2021 marks the Year of the Ox in Chinese astrology, four “Pioneering Ox” robots remodeled from UBTech’s quadruped robot prototype have taken the festival stage and captured viewers’ hearts with their “dazzling dancing moves and state-of-the-art mechanical designs”, says the company.

Standing 83 cm tall and weighing 60kg, the futuristic ox-looking robot features strong physical features with sixteen joints and weight payload capability of 15 kg.

The robotic ox uses these qualities to perform skills that range from a rapid walking cadence, stair climbing, and seamless mobility over rough terrain.

Development started on UBTech’s new innovative ox-like robot in early 2020.

UBTech’s Walker humanoid robot

The company says the ox-like robot utilizes advancements made through by UBTech’s development of Walker (pictured above), the company’s most advanced humanoid robot with accumulated core AI and robotic technology combined with “our cutting-edge Research and Development teams, to create dynamic control, navigation, perception, and AI in this newly developed robot all within a time span of one year”.

With “superior movement capability within complicated environments”, the quadruped robot is expected to add to UBTech’s portfolio of AI robots and to provide intelligent services to multiple fields of business as well as students in advanced education subjects due to its “easy-to-use elements”.

UBTech’s unveiling of the four-legged robot at CCTV New Year Gala 2021 continues a tradition of high-profile showcases at the annual event and solidifies the company’s position as an innovator in AI and robotics.

Past appearances include 540 Alpha 1S robots performing flawless Guinness record-breaking dance in 2016, 24 customized JIMU dog robots in 2018 and Walkers dancing in 2019.

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