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Mitsubishi Electric introduces remote maintenance service in North America

Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a remote machine maintenance service in North America.

The iQ Care Remote4U solution helps users get their CNC machine tools up quicker when they go down, says the company.

Mitsubishi Electric says this is new way for CNC customers to get their machine tool back up and running.

iQ Care Remote4U is a gateway unit designed to allow users to resume production quicker when their CNC machine tools encounter a problem.

Machine tool builders and dealers can achieve an easy, low-cost remote service using the iQ Care Remote4U platform, says Mitsubishi.

iQ Care Remote4U allows Mitsubishi Electric’s field service engineers to remotely view a customer’s CNC parameters and alarm history in real time while troubleshooting in efforts to reduce machine downtime and determine the issue faster and get the machine back into production.

iQ Care Remote4U offers remote production monitoring and reporting capabilities which helps customers gain greater visibility into their production schedules and find ways to improve.

Adam Gatza, services product manager at Mitsubishi Electric Automation, says: “iQ Care Remote4U gives our customers and engineers a platform to view problems simultaneously giving both parties more confidence in diagnosing the problem in a shorter timeframe and start putting together an action plan on how to fix it.

“iQ Care Remote4U is great step for our customers who are looking to gain greater visibility and understanding of their production potential opportunities for improvement.”

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