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Optimising Documents to Publish Digitally

If you want to send or publish the documents online, no matter whether it is a printable 1099 form you send to the IRS or a business presentation, you have to use all the services you can.

World Wide Web offers multiple tools for working online, even stating your taxes and sending them to officials, without leaving the house. If you want to improve your digital publications, you have to learn your possibilities.

Type of the File

Read the basic requirements of the specific platform you have in mind. There may definitely be rules on the type of file expected from you. If you missed the information, don’t worry.

You can easily use online converters to change Word documents into PDFs, Excel, or PowerPoint and reverse. Use only trusted converters checked by millions of other people.

Cut the File Size

You don’t need gigantic files that are too heavy to be saved on your phone, flash drive, or sent online. If you want to save high-quality images with an enormous resolution, just use popular compressors.

Users occasionally experience this problem with PDF documents, and a PDF Compressor is exactly what you need in this case. It is free of charge.

If you want to use advanced services, you can try the Small PDF that requires payment from you. Keep the images separately from the text as long as you can. Use Cloud Storage to be able to edit documents online quickly.

Protect Your Documents

The Internet is not the safest place to keep your personal information without proper security. What about the documents that contain important information? You have to be able to hide it far from other users.

Start with getting rid of the list of passwords you keep on Google Docs. PDF documents can be sent with reliable passwords to receivers. Don’t use pirate websites to convert the documents or find images for your documents.

Check Your Grammar

There are multiple tools to make your presentation more colourful, interesting, and even highlighted with the audio in the background. However, your efforts do not worth anything if you have poor grammar inside.

The best effect you can expect is that everyone will remember these mistakes instead of your ideas. Use online services, like Grammarly, to make your presentation’s language more exquisite and rich.


Depending on your goals, you may need a high resolution free of charge images. Use specific platforms that provide pictures in a high resolution for your sincere “thank you”. Even Google Images does this.

Another huge library is Flickr. All you need is an Internet connection and a few seconds to find the images you need. Every great text nowadays requires visual effects; just don’t overload it with them.

Tools for You

Digital documents differ based on their purposes. Some of them do not require anything except the information you have to state. These documents are official and usually sent to employers, banks, or the IRS. Others require extra editions.

No matter which type you use, there is still a way to improve it with the online tools you can find completely free of charge.

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