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Bürkert releases new pressure controller for precise time-pressure dosing

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems has developed a new pressure controller for gases. It ensures stable pressure conditions inside the dosing tank, thereby allowing even the smallest of quantities to be dosed with a high level of precision.

As a result, the fluidics expert offers coordinated system components for time-pressure dosing from a single source. Customers profit from a shorter development period. Further, the digital variant enables automated documentation.

The bidirectional control of the pressure controller Type 8763 allows the pressure inside the container to be increased or actively reduced for precise and repeatable dosing.

In laboratory equipment and analysis devices, in DNA synthesis and the pharmaceutical sector as well as when filling very small quantities, for example for contact lens production, accurate and repeatable dosing is essential and crucial for the quality of the end product.

When dosing liquids from sealed containers, however, not only the precision of the dosing valve is important but also the pressure level above the liquid level, which influences the dosing quantity.

Bürkert has therefore developed the gas pressure controller Type 8763 to match its micro valves.

The pressure controller is designed for small flow rates ranging from microlitres to a few millilitres and demonstrates its qualities when used with precise dosing valves.

Bürkert therefore offers coordinated components and complete systems for time-pressure dosing from a single source. This saves time and money during development.

Accurate and repeatable dosing

With the help of the pressure controller, the pressure inside the container can be increased or actively reduced by an exhausting valve to ensure a stable level of pressure for precise and repeatable dosing.

Short reaction times guarantee immediate and reliable pressure control without wait times in the applications or waste when dosing starts. In addition, you save on expensive carrier gas.

The controller is available in an analogue and digital variant for three pressure ranges each. A digital interface enables bidirectional communication via Bürkert’s own system bus (büS).

With the help of the user-friendly Communicator software, parameters can be changed during the ongoing process and processes monitored and documented in an automated manner. This boosts flexibility and process reliability for the user.

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