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Siasun partners with Jordan Sports to open new logistics facility

Siasun has partnered with Jordan Sports to open a new, “modern“ logistics facility which features extensive robotics and automation.

The Chinese manufacturer of robotic arms says that, with the widespread application of sports biomechanics in the field of sports equipment, sports enthusiasts can enjoy a more scientific and comfortable sports experience.

In this “huge market”, a large number of outstanding sports brands compete, and Jordan Sports is one of the outstanding ones.

Recently, Jordan Sports held a logistics center opening ceremony in Jinjiang City. This modern logistics center, jointly built by Jordan Sports and Siasun, is the first highly standardized and information-based logistics park of Jordan Sports, marking its new ability to integrate warehousing and distribution and shorten logistics timeliness. breakthrough.

The construction of the logistics center lasted three years, with an investment of 700 million yuan (approximately $108 million), a total land area of ​​180 acres, and a total construction area of ​​200,000 square meters.

It is important for Jordan Sports to fully implement the strategic policy of “strong retail and omni-channel” and achieve the goal of 10 billion yuan. Strategic move.

As China’s leading sports goods brand company, what Jordan Sports has been familiar with in the past is its design and research capabilities rooted in sports science research and its distinctive fashion style.

And for the majority of sports enthusiasts to bring more comfortable and convenient shopping experience, Jordan sports in recent years continue to overweight the fast and efficient modern logistics technology.

In order to fully meet the new consumption model of online and offline integration of the footwear industry, Jordan Sports and Siasun Corporation have cooperated.

Siasun gives full play to its outstanding independent innovation capabilities and technical advantages in the field of intelligent logistics, combined with Jordan Sports’ rich industry experience, to create a set of intelligent logistics systems that integrate warehousing, picking, sorting and distribution to help Jordan Sports Realize omni-channel, full-process one-stop operation service.

The intelligent logistics system not only achieves multiple expected goals such as maximizing storage capacity, saving floor space, saving manpower and material resources, and optimizing operating procedures, but also responds to the characteristics of the shoe and apparel industry such as massive SKUs, fragmented orders, and large-scale dismantling – “advanced technologies and solutions”.

Logistics center opening ceremony in Jinjiang City

The logistics system can flexibly allocate inventory according to inventory information, order information and sales forecast data, and complete the relay picking, review and packaging of boxes of different specifications.

It fully integrates robotics and 3D vision technology without manual intervention. The self-learning destacking of the new box type greatly improves the flexibility of the system.

The Jordan Sports Intelligent Logistics Center project is large in size, complicated in subsystems, and has a tight construction period . The entire process from the entry of the Siasun project team to the online operation of the system only lasted 7 months. This is the result of the joint efforts of Jordan Sports, the Xinsong team and the majority of coordinators.

It is reported that the intelligent logistics center can store 1 million boxes of goods, the maximum daily in and out of the warehouse reaches 70,000 boxes, and the peak daily average is 100,000 packages.

The logistics center will continue to improve the ability of logistics transformation, and lay a solid foundation for Jordan Sports to build the core competitiveness of supply chain logistics and an intelligent logistics system, so that products can reach consumers faster, better and more accurately.

The successful cooperation with Jordan Sports will provide Siasun with valuable experience in responding to the new wave of shoe and apparel logistics. Siasun will also take this opportunity to continue to cultivate in actual combat and provide customers in different industries with in-depth customized intelligent logistics solutions. Solutions and one-stop integrated services.

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