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Hyundai unveils hotel robot developed with KT

Hyundai Robotics has unveiled a new service robot designed for hotels and developed with KT, formerly Korea Telecom.

The UNI-050H is a mobile service robot co-developed by Hyundai Robotics and KT to perform hotel amenities delivery, and can now be found at the Daegu Marriott Hotel & Residences.

UNI-050H delivers amenities such as towels and bottled water, to guest rooms upon request.

KT GiGA Genie’s voice command function enables easy ordering, which is expected to allow residents to enjoy the convenience of a hotel and a home at the same time. It is also expected to improve the service quality and efficiency of hotel operations by reducing the simple work hours of the employees.

UNI-050H, introduced in December 2019, uses advanced ICT technologies such as spatial mapping and autonomous driving.

In addition, it includes various features such as the ability to overcome the height difference between the elevator and the floor, a spacious storage design, and an ergonomic design that is convenient for anyone to use regardless of gender.

Furthermore, Hyundai Robotics announced plans to expand its lineup of mobile service robots. By the first half of 2021, the company plans to launch a robot that carries heavy luggage, a guide and surveillance robot for use in unmanned shops, a robot for quarantining in public places in a “non-contact” manner, and a robot that replaces specialized cleaning equipment.

An official said that the company will continue to move forward towards the commercialization of mobile service robots in the future.

Although mobile service robots have been attempted in various fields so far, their high prices make them difficult to commercialize in the market.

Hyundai Robotics is making efforts to develop service robots with excellent durability by utilizing their 30-year know-how as an industrial robot manufacturer while ensuring price competitiveness with the development of localized models.

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