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Best Kitchen Equipment You Must Invest In

Like a house, furniture, or a car, you must be careful while choosing the kitchen equipment.

These tools are going to be with you as long as a lifetime.

Therefore, ensure that you are investing in the tools that will help in your daily routine.

Cast iron skillet

A well-built cast iron skillet will be one of the best investments you ever make in kitchen equipment.

Not only is it healthy, durable, and robust, but you can also make use of it in more ways than one.

Ideally, a cast-iron skillet is used to heat vegetables or make a steak as it spreads the heat evenly all over the surface and retains it for an extended period.

If you are thinking of making grilled chicken, grilled sandwiches, or grill anything at all, then a cast-iron skillet is the perfect kitchen tool you will need.

It will add an extra crisp to the surface before you finally put it inside the oven. Like we mentioned in the beginning, a cast-iron skillet is quite suitable for multitasking.

Apart from grilling or heating, you can also use it for baking. If you bake a giant cookie, it will retain the perfect round while adding the ideal char to the surface.


Suppose you have bought all the necessary kitchen equipment you have had to buy. Now what? Where do you keep them?

You see, that is why a rack is one of the primary tools you need to get your hands on.

If you want to go for a stainless steel rack, you might want to get your product from a custom metal fabrication company.

Food thermometer

Many people tend to think that a food thermometer is more of a luxury than a necessity. This explains why most people fail to understand the gravity of the function of a food thermometer.

Be it a food scientist or a regular person — nobody likes their food undercooked or overcooked. However, that is a fragile and thin line that only takes a minute to be crossed over.

Having a food thermometer will relieve you of that duty. You can now focus on adding more flavour to the dish and not worry whether it is undercooked or overcooked.

An instant-read thermometer can be a little on the pricey side, but it is the only way to ensure that you have consumed your proteins at the correct temperature.

Not to mention that individual dishes, if undercooked, could show ill health effects on your body.


Dicing and slicing are just as essential as sauteing and steaming when it comes to cooking. That’s why it’s crucial to have a high-quality paring and a chef’s knife.

A paring knife is intended for smaller cutting work, such as mincing vegetables or garlic slicing. A chef’s knife is more of a multi-purpose instrument. It can dice your vegetables and carve your meat — ideal for any heavy-duty chopping or cutting task.

These two are the most basic knives in the family, but they can also replace the rest of the blades.

As long as these two are up to your sleeve, you won’t need any other knife.

Main image by J. Kenji Lopez

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