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Things You Should Know About Humanoids

Back in the days, it was hard to imagine that we’d be making and using robots and artificial intelligence. But now, it’s 2021, and we’re enjoying the perks of the advancements in our technology.

These creations have made things so convenient for us. We may be far from living like the Jetsons yet, but the innovations we experience today is already something.

Despite this, many are still sceptical about these innovations, especially on humanoids. But we’re here to shed light on some questions that you have in mind. Here are some frequently asked questions about humanoids that might help you understand such wonderful inventions better.

What is humanoid?

A humanoid is basically a robot. But what makes it different is that it has a body that resembles the human body. It has a torso, head, and limbs just like us. Hence, the name.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

But sometimes, it is designed to model only a part of a body. It could have a face that resembles a human but has a body of a robot or vice versa.

This kind of robot not only mimics the human body. Some are also made to perform human-like tasks. This includes jumping, running, carrying objects, to name a few.

Some humanoids were designed to mimic human expressions too. They can copy a happy face, sad, or even angry face.

What kind of charger does it require?

Humanoid robots are like smartphones and other gadgets too. They also need to be charged, so they can perform their purpose. And like our gadgets, they require different chargers too.

Some might require a power adapter, and others don’t. It actually depends on what kind of model they are, just like our gadgets.

What are they used for?

Humanoids can be usually used for two purposes – functional and experimental. If you use a humanoid for functional purposes, it could help you with your tasks just like Rosey the Robot from The Jetsons.

It could help you do simple tasks such as taking out the trash, guard your home, or give you directions as you drive. Humanoids for functional purposes can also help the sick and the disabled too.

Because it can do mundane tasks for you, you can rely on it to do your chores in case you can’t. On the other hand, some humanoids are merely made for experimental purposes. As its name suggests, they can only be used for experiments, such as when you study locomotion and the likes.

But that doesn’t stop there. You can program a humanoid however you want to serve different purposes other than these two. The possibilities are limitless.

Can you buy a humanoid today?

Yes, you can buy a humanoid. There are humanoid robots up for sale. However, it could cost you thousands of dollars.

And its price depends on its appearance and functions. Still, it’s worth the price as it can help you with your chores or even in your office.

It would take more time before we fully experience what The Jetsons’ life is like. Yet innovations like humanoid robots are already overwhelming for some. These questions and answers will surely help you understand such inventions more.

Main image by Peter Pieras from Pixabay

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