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Will SMS Still Be Relevant in the Next 5 Years?

In all honesty, the situation of modern marketing is ironically amusing.

In a world where it’s easier than ever to communicate with each other, it feels like connecting is harder than ever. That’s why you can see businesses doing everything they can to grab the attention of their target audience.

The result is what you see every time you browse the internet: countless ads, overwhelming campaigns, and a plethora of new experimental tactics. Little do these businesses know: the quickest way to reach their customers has always been right under their noses.

Are you curious about the magical solution as well? As it turns out, it’s none other than the 20+-year-old SMS marketing.

Wait, what? Let’s go over everything from the start.

Why People Think SMS is Dead

When SMS was first introduced, it took the world by storm. Although it has a strict character limit, everyone was happy to try their best to fit their messages to the limited character count.

Soon enough, the internet took a turn for the better, along with it came all of the communication apps we’ve grown to love and depend on. Soon enough, people gave up using SMS messages, opting instead for chatting for hours on end with their family and friends.

Businesses also found it more convenient to connect with their customers through social media channels. This development left SMS companies in a devastating situation.

For all onlookers, it certainly felt like the era of SMS has come to an end. It was great while it lasted but, well, technology just did what it does best and replaced the old with new and more efficient solutions. Right?


Is SMS Still Relevant?

Although in-app notifications and digital communication platforms are certainly useful in carrying out digital marketing, SMS marketing is still as relevant as it has ever been.

In fact, SMS marketing may be even more relevant than ever, even when we’re walking into the uncertainties of 2021.

You may think our words are empty, but let’s take a close look at a real-life study case. Did you hear about the fintech startup that operated on the idea of using text messages to give money management tips to young consumers, their main target audience?

The company has a base of a half-million user’s, which equates to more than 100 million texts up to this date. If you’re wondering how successful such a startup can be, you’ll be amazed to know that it’s raised an impressive $12.6 million in its latest funding round.

That’s an example of a startup that relies on SMS as its primary communication channel. Other marketing reports show strong evidence as to how 61% of marketers and businesses are planning to increase their text marketing budgets in 2021.

Why SMS Will Still Be Relevant 5 Years From Now

Have we intrigued your interest yet? You must be curious to know what’s so great about SMS marketing now. Here are a few reasons why SMS is not only great, but it will certainly still be relevant 5 years from now.

Global Reach

SMS messages can be delivered to anyone with a mobile phone and a cell phone signal. As the team of explains, SMS messages can be used to reach customers in over 190 countries all around the globe.

This global reach is something you can’t easily get with other marketing strategies, considering how billions of people don’t have access to the internet or smartphones.

Instant and Direct Delivery

You won’t have to worry about your messages not reaching your target audience with SMS either. You can rest assured that your message will reach your target customer and won’t get trapped in the spam folder.

Moreover, you can also guarantee that your recipient will directly get your message as soon as it’s sent, regardless of the internet connection.

Immediate Results

Once you make good use of SMS analytical tools, you’ll be able to instantly know who received and opened your messages.

We’ve also mentioned how remarkable the open rates for SMSes are when compared to other marketing channels.


Compared to other traditional marketing methods, SMS marketing is pretty affordable. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another marketing strategy that’s as cheap and effective as SMS, especially if you buy the service in bulk.

On the plus side, its ROI is certainly something to look forward to.

It’s not easy to find a marketing tool that delivers the same results as SMS marketing. Indeed, it can’t stand on its own, but SMS marketing plays a vital role in connecting with customers, driving sales, and creating a personal connection.

When incorporated into the overall marketing strategy correctly, you can expect to see magnificent results in conversions, sales, and customer retention.

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