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Mitsubishi’s elevator business in China produces its one millionth unit

Mitsubishi Electric says its Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Company (SMEC), a joint venture company operating in China, has produced its one millionth unit.

The figure includes both elevators and escalators, and comes 34 years after starting production at the company’s Min Hung Plant in 1987.

Mitsubishi Electric, working in collaboration with SMEC, says it continues to deliver “safety, peace of mind and riding comfort in China”, the world’s largest elevator and escalator market, and maintain its “market-leading brand”.

Mitsubishi Electric became the first Japanese company to directly manufacture, sell, install and service elevators and escalators in China when it teamed up with Shanghai Electric Group to establish SMEC in Shanghai in 1987.

SMEC is well known for the quality of its products and services. For the past 10 years, including this year, it has been named as the preferred supplier and service brand in the elevator and escalator sector by China’s top 500 real estate development enterprises in a survey organized by China Real Estate Association and E-house China R&D Institute.

SMEC is steadily introducing products incorporating the most advanced technologies, thereby contributing to the ongoing growth of China’s elevator and escalator industry. The company delivers products and services focused on safety, peace of mind and riding comfort through a nationwide network of 89 branch offices.

The annual demand for new elevator and escalator installations in China in the fiscal year ending in March 2021 is forecast to reach about 870,000 units, accounting for approximately 70 percent of the global market.

Mitsubishi Electric has two bases in Shanghai engaged in developing and manufacturing elevators and escalators for the Chinese market: Mitsubishi Electric Shanghai Electric Elevator Company, which was established in 2002, and SMEC.

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