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Geek+ and Universal Logic partner to develop warehouse robotics and automation

Geek+, a provider of autonomous mobile robots and warehouse automation, and Universal Logic, a developer of a software “brain” for robots, have agreed a new partnership.

Together, the two technology leaders declare a joint commitment to support the manufacturing and logistics industry with a paradigm-shifting goods-to-robot solution, for automating supply chain operations and elevating industry 4.0.

With large parts of the supply chain dependent on fixed automation and manual materials handling, the rise in demand for customization and made-to-stock capabilities have resulted in strained processes.

In turn, it has generated a need for technologies that can automate the flexibility and precision of skilled labor and combine it with the throughput capacity of dynamic inventory control.

Randy Randolph, senior sales manager of Geek+ US, says: “We are very glad to partner with Universal Logic and look forward to leveraging their extensive experience in automating dynamic robot behavior to realize the full potential of our intelligent mobile robotics solutions.

“By combining our advanced robotics hardware with Universal Logic’s unparalleled experience, we believe that this collaboration has the potential to transform the global supply chain and shape the future.”

The partnership will give Universal Logic access to Geek+’s wide range of robotics hardware for intelligent sorting and picking.

Built on autonomous mobile robot technology and AI-driven software, Geek+ will provide Universal Logic with the flexibility to automate the entire chain from dynamic inventory control to pick and pack, expanding from goods-to-man to goods-to-robot solutions.

Correspondingly, Geek+ will have access to Neocortex, Universal Logic’s AI platform featuring real-time and modular robot control for extended perception, direct grasping, and advanced robot guidance, enabling human-like flexible picking capabilities, to unleash the true potential of intelligent robotics for logistics.

Universal Logic CEO, David Peters, says: “The Geek+ mobile robot platform, dovetails perfectly with Universal’s dynamic robot control for picking and packing, providing our customers seamless automation capabilities, creating an end-to-end solution to meet current and future supply chain needs.”

Today, Geek+ and Universal Logic respectively serves a broad customer range including Fortune 500 Companies and regional businesses.

The collaboration will enable them to strengthen their industry leadership and provide clients with flexible, adaptable, and efficient operations that can meet challenges associated with high mix/high volume applications in manufacturing, wholesale, and retail.

By combining the efficiency and speed of robots with human-like precision and flexibility, it will allow businesses to realize stable and reliable supply chain operations and meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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