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Columbia-Okura agrees strategic relationship with Integra Systems Brazil

Columbia-Okura and Integra Systems have agreed a partnership that will allow Integra Systems to produce the complete line of Columbia-Okura robotic palletizers in Brazil.

This milestone achievement follows a similar agreement reached in 2020 between Integra Systems and Columbia Machine.

Columbia-Okura has been working with Integra since 2014. The execution of these recent license agreements reflects Columbia Machine’s and Columbia-Okura’s ongoing confidence and strategic relationship with Integra Systems.

Brian Hutton, president of Columbia-Okura, says: “Our relationship with Integra allows Columbia-Okura to extend our reach and to serve an expanding market in Brazil and beyond with a very capable partner.

“Integra has been successful with the sale of numerous systems integrated by Columbia-Okura into the Brazilian marketplace.

“The license agreement will allow Integra to become much more competitive with the localization of content and activities, providing more value to our joint customers.

“The culture, capabilities, and values of both companies makes for a natural and complimentary strategic alliance. We’re excited about where this relationship will take us!”

Renato Maia, managing partner of Integra Systems Industria e Comercio, says: “The license agreement with Columbia-Okura is a major milestone and a natural response to our expanding market in Brazil, allowing Integra to serve clients with greater speed, and lower costs.

“Integra is enthusiastic with the opportunity and looks forward to further enhancing Columbia-Okura’s reputation and reach locally.”

Columbia-Okura continues to evolve product offerings to meet growing customer needs for safe, reliable and economical systems.

The expanded relationship with Integra will leverage the strengths of both companies to serve client needs throughout the Western Hemisphere. With 25 years of robotic palletizing experience, Columbia-Okura remains focused on providing the best automated solution for our client’s needs.

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