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Argonaut Manufacturing Services turns to Bright Machines to accelerate and scale production

Bright Machines and Argonaut Manufacturing Services have agreed a partnership whereby Bright Machines will automate Argonaut’s unique assembly process.

Argonaut, based in Carlsbad, California, is a contract manufacturing organization offering a host of customized manufacturing and supply chain solutions for life science, molecular diagnostics, and biopharmaceutical companies, including formulation, filling, lyophilization, and kitting, as well as automated aseptic fill-finish equipment for sterile injectable drugs.

Argonaut enables organizations to quickly scale pharmaceutical and life science operations by providing expert support and state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions, minimizing costs and risks.

With the addition of Bright Machines’ software-driven automation solution, Bright Machines Microfactories, to their factory operations, Argonaut will accelerate their clients’ transition from manual and semi-automated protocols to full automation thereby improving manufacturing throughput, and augmenting visual quality controls for a variety of products.

Amar Hanspal, CEO and co-founder of Bright Machines, says: “We started Bright Machines with the mission to increase the speed, scalability, and flexibility of manufacturing using an intelligent, software-driven approach.

“Argonaut’s unique approach to mission-critical work aligns perfectly with our approach to reimagining the factory floor, making this a natural fit. We are thrilled to partner with such an innovative company and look forward to helping Argonaut achieve a new level of scale in 2021 and beyond.”

By selecting Bright Machines, Argonaut will increase factory production without sacrificing quality – a critical reason they are proud to partner with Bright Machines.

Chris Duffy, COO at Argonaut, says: “Argonaut’s customers will benefit from the installation of the Bright Machines Microfactory with more product options, while expanding our manufacturing flexibility as clients continue to scale.

“The partnership with Bright Machines will be instrumental in further building out our operations.”

The Bright Machines Microfactory will be implemented in 2021 from the Argonaut facility in Carlsbad, CA.

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