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Realtime Robotics partners with Dematic to develop ‘new capabilities’ for mixed-case palletizing

Realtime Robotics, a developer of autonomous motion planning systems for industrial robots, has agreed a partnership with Dematic, a global intralogistics company.

The use of Realtime’s advanced multi-robot coordination and spatial perception technology paired with Dematic’s automated palletizing software will vastly improve the accuracy, cycle time and stability of mixed case palletizing cells.

In the hyper-competitive logistics space, solution providers are being challenged to reduce cost and time to deploy all while continuing to increase key productivity metrics.

To meet this demand Dematic’s solution requires multiple robots to work together to pick cases of varying sizes to build mixed-case pallets within tight proximity. Realtime Robotics’ core technology eliminates the need to implement cycle-reducing interference zones.

This results in tightly orchestrated and choreographed work-cells fully optimized for cycle time. Additionally, Realtime’s advanced perception technology provides additional sensing competence, which empowers dense, stable pallet builds and quick fault recognition in a highly variable automation environment.

The partnership between Dematic and Realtime Robotics will enable palletizing robots to have more intelligence and flexibility to build pallets at a faster pace. The joint solution will begin deployment at customer sites early in 2021.

Peter Howard, CEO, Realtime Robotics, says: “Incorporating our technology with Dematic’s is very exciting. We have been eager to support the material handling industry with a more robust solution that delivers productivity and efficiency gains.

“This partnership is allowing us to give logistic providers the boost in operations they desire.”

​Kevin Heath, robotics global senior manager, Dematic, says: “We are excited about the introduction of the Realtime Robotics technology into our advanced robotic applications. Their unique combination of motion planning and advanced vision capability provides a discrete competitive advantage in the market.”

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