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Find a social media influencer in minutes

Who is a social media influencer? A social media influencer who uses several media accounts and has made a great impact in the media.

They have large audiences following them and turning on their notifications to be aware of any new update.

They can persuade many people to buy a particular idea or market, either abstract or concrete. They have high credibility and authenticity ratings among their followers.

Two main types of influencers exist; the micro-influencers and the macro-influencers. Macro-influencers are major celebrities, politicians, and popular figures who have a million followers. Micro-influencers are the ones with probably 500-1000 followers.

The Significance of Social Media Influencers
As a business manager or brand owner, influencers on media can swiftly help you grow your business in no time. Due to the huge number of followers, there are so many engagements under their posts and people getting to see whatever they help you advertise.

However, owing to the fame, they have to be very careful with the information they pass across. There are so many fake accounts available on the web impersonating them. To make it easier for people to differentiate between the real and the parody accounts, they are sometimes verified.

How do you then find them?
Many people don’t know to get social media influencers, which has cost them their business growth; some fell into the wrong hands, and some others were ignorant of the importance of influencers on their brands.

Nevertheless, it is easy to find them when you have the right steps at your fingertips; I’ll share below some of the steps you need.

  • Identify your audience
    As a business owner trying to promote your brand, you need to know and understand the target audience’s needs, condition your brand to satisfy that audience, and try all means to reach out to them.

It is the first inevitable step you have to take because it narrows your search for social media influencers. Everyone cannot be your audience. You can use Nuwber to help you find your audience.

  • Enter important groups
    After getting to know your target audience, try joining relevant groups on different media, e.g., Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. There are groups that you can get what they are all about from the name or the info.

These groups give you direct access to so many influencers of different categories, so you check each of the influencers’ bio to know what they are into as a person. This way, you can know the specific ones dealing with the same type of target audience as you.

  • Reach out to close friends
    If you have gone through the previous step and need to do more research, you should contact friends and family if they know about media influencers.

It is a sure and safe way of getting them because they might have done business with your friends; that way, your friends can give some words about their services.

You can contact them on this note, and familiarity can boost the relationship between you two.

  • Surf the website
    Based on your target audience type, your specific type of influencers might not be easy to find on the media.

However, you can look them up on Google and check their profile to get good and resourceful information about them. If you have a positive result popping up after the search, it shows the authenticity of whoever you are looking up.

This way, you can get more and more media influencers that suit your taste.

  • Consider limitations
    These steps will be providing some lists of influencers you can pick from. The next thing is to look at are the limitations you have about your market. Limitations like budget, location, and time are important to take note of.

Budget: These influencers don’t offer the services for free. However, different influencers with different charges depending on the type of brand promotion.

Contact some and discuss the pay you can offer for the service to know the good-to-go ones.

Location: When contacting influencers, you have to consider your brand’s location; is it a local or international one?

It is very important so as not to contact a foreign influencer to help promote a local brand. It will leave the influencer clueless on how to promote your brand.

Contacting the right person is essential because the person can relate to what is happening around, then catch the audience with the appropriate words.

Time: Some promotions are time-bound, e.g., promos and nice offers, which last for a short while. Due to this, you have to contact the influencers having a million followers with active engagements (some followers are fake, so check the engagements).

They will help with the promotion, and it will yield greatly with the time-frame the offer is valid.

  • Contact the growing influencers
    After reaching out to the micro-influencers and macro-influencers as the case may be, contact the people aspiring to be one. These will offer services with little or no pay because they see it as an opportunity to become relevant in the media.

The enthusiasm that will be used for the promotion will be high because they see it as a win-win for you both.

Never underestimate any promotion style; the extra may come from their side, which you least expect.

  • Check freelance platforms
    We have so many freelancing sites, amongst them are the popular ones like Upwork and Fiverr. These sites are not just to check writers, graphics designers, and artists; you can find freelancers to help promote your brand by creating ads for you.

These platforms are used by millions daily, so there is every chance an interested person or party needs your brand.

  • Check for engagements
    Media like Twitter tweets that have active engagements, you can click these tweets and check the comment section for the engagements and replies. If the replies are appreciable, then definitely the tweep would be an influencer. Message the individual and discuss as regards your brand promotion.

These steps listed are enough for you to find good social media influencers in their numbers, build a good relationship, and watch your brand grow.

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