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Lilium partners with Lufthansa to train pilots for its tiny plane

Lilium, the Munich-based aviation company developing an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) for regional air mobility, has agreed what it describes as “an industry-first partnership” with Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT, part of the Lufthansa Group).

Together, Lilium and LAT will develop a tailor-made Pilot Sourcing and Training programme to qualify pilots to fly the Lilium Jet.

The first phase of this innovative program consists of an additional training certification for qualified commercial pilots.

It will harness technologies including Virtual Reality (VR) opening possibilities to recreate the program worldwide and enabling a stable pipeline of qualified pilots to support the growth of the company and of the industry.

Lilium’s commercial operating model leverages the strengths and experience of trusted partners to accelerate development.

As the leading airline training organization in Europe renowned for following the highest safety standards, LAT will provide expertise in the training and development of competencies necessary to fulfil the need for a new field of piloting.

Combined with Lilium’s expertise in eVTOLs and the regional air mobility service it is building, the training program will be the first of its kind and a significant milestone on Lilium’s road to launch.

As part of this agreement, Lilium and LAT will also work jointly together with EASA (EU) and FAA (USA) regulatory authorities on certification.

Remo Gerber, chief operating officer, Lilium, says: “Transforming the way in which pilots of the future operate is a challenge we have long been excited to undertake and LAT is the perfect partner.

“Their insights, experience, and dedication to forward-thinking training concepts ensure that our pilots will be selected and trained to the highest calibre, an industry-standard which we will establish through this partnership.”

Tiziana Heilig, managing director and CFO, LAT, says: “We are thrilled to be working with Lilium to create a training setup, which is unlike any seen before.

“As one of the leaders in this vibrant sector, we look forward to this cooperation to share each other’s wealth of knowledge to provide an unparalleled aviation training experience for our customers.”

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