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Hyundai partners with Samsung Engineering to unveil robotic system for piping and steel frame manufacturing

Hyundai Robotics has signed a deal with Samsung Engineering for the “construction of the Smart Piping Shop” and a business agreement for “the automation of steel frame manufacturing”.

Seo Yoo Seong, COO of Hyundai Robotics, and Choi Sung-an, president of Samsung Engineering, attended the signing ceremony held at Samsung GEC (Global Engineering Center) in Sangil-dong, Gangdong-gu recently.

This agreement is for the automation of the manufacturing of pipe spools and steel frames, which are core materials of plant construction.

Pipes are important materials that form passageways for raw materials and products, like blood vessels, in a plant, and steel frames are important materials that form a framework to support and protect equipment.

They both have a huge impact on the construction period and costs. However, workers had to be individually inputted in each process in the past, so the quality was affected by the ability of the manpower.

Particularly, pipes were often manufactured at local factories, so there were difficulties, such as investing a lot of time and money, due to the lack of skilled workers.

Hyundai Robotics is in charge of robot automation, such as the handling, cutting, processing, assembling, and welding necessary for the pipe spool and steel frame manufacturing processes.

In particular, various welding techniques may be tried to ensure uniform welding quality for various applied materials. Samsung Engineering disclosed that the reason for signing the Memorandum of Understanding with Hyundai Robotics was to improve quality, shorten construction periods, and reduce costs through automation.

In the future, Samsung Engineering plans to build a manufacturing automation facility with a domestic pipe and steel frame manufacturer that adopts the technology and equipment jointly developed with Hyundai Robotics and supply pipes and steel frames to each project site.

An official of Hyundai Robotics said: “It is an honor to newly demonstrate robot-based welding automation by Hyundai Robotics.

“We will advance to various manufacturing processes by developing and applying the welding solution expanded through this cooperation.”

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