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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – What are the best perks for your loadout?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is one of many great additions to the popular COD franchise, specifically the Call of Duty: Black Ops franchise to be more exact.

There have been many Black Ops games over the years in the COD series, and it must be said that this is one of the best ones to date.

This article will tackle many strategies to win your battles in Cold War, however, you can always choose the faster way. The only real reason for any player to not use hacks is that anti-cheat will catch up to them and ban them sooner or later.

Good thing is, offers undetected Black Ops Cold War aimbot that help you avoid problems of getting caught or banned. It is definitely safe as testified by their thousands of users.

While people have many mixed feelings about the game as it brings some changes to the usual COD entries which we see being released so often, no one can deny just how competitive and popular Cold War is. The game is one of the most successful COD: Black Ops and COD games in general, and there’s a very good reason why this is the case.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, like most FPS games today, is definitely not a game that players can thrive in with ease. There’s lots of difficulties to face and lots of dangers as well in the form of other players. But there are certainly many accessible weapons and other items that can make things a little bit easier for you in Cold War’s multiplayer.

Adding the Best Perks to Your Custom Loadout in Cold War

If you’re one of many players that play Cold War and choose to have a custom loadout for online matches, you know that there’s lots of different things which you can add to make your loadout as great as possible for yourself.

Once you’re done getting all the guns and secondary items for your loadout, the only thing left to decide is what perks you’re going to use along with all these items.

That being said, there are also lots of different perks to make a pick from as well. Out of these perks, you can only choose a specific amount of them for your loadout, meaning that you’ll have to choose carefully.

Choosing the best perks is definitely very helpful and can help you improve your game a lot. That’s why we’re here to help you with a small guide of the best perks which you should try out while playing Black Ops Cold War with your custom loadout.

The Best Perks from Each Perk Tree in Black Ops Cold War

First up on the list is of course Perk Tree 1 from which you can choose one of two different perks. Both are good options that can help you stay alive longer in the game even after taking some damage, but it must be said that the better option out of the two is the Tactical Mask.

This perk provides players with a huge increase in resistance to flash and stun grenades, as well as complete immunity to gas.

There’s definitely no need for us to tell you how helpful this can be. As enemies will regularly be throwing projectiles to stop you, the Tactical Mask will provide great resistance to them and help your character stay stable and in control.

Up next is Perk Tree 2 which features three absolutely great perks that are hard to choose from. While it all comes down to one’s own method of playing and personal choice, it must be said that the Quartermaster perk is the most useful out of the three.

It allows you to replenish all your equipment in 25 seconds, which is helpful for any type of player regardless of how they play the game.

Lastly, Perk Tree 3 obviously has some good choices as well. These are all related to stealth and staying hidden, and are all great at what they do. However, the best one has to be the Cold Blooded perk, which can save you many times from imminent death. This perk makes it so that you’re never targeted by enemies’ AI controlled scorestreaks.

You also aren’t highlighted by the player controlled scorestreaks either, meaning that enemies can’t find you themselves either. This is a great means of greatly reducing the threat that enemy scorestreaks provide.

The True Best Perk Available for COD: Black Ops Cold War

All the perks mentioned above are definitely great to try and you should choose them for your loadout in order to perform better than usual, but that’s not all that we have in store for you.

While the above-mentioned perks are certainly able to enhance your character’s abilities and make them stronger, we’re here to tell you about one ultimate perk which can enhance your abilities to the point where you are unstoppable.

This perk is offered by in the form of their awesome Black Ops Cold War hacks. There’s pretty much nothing that stops you from winning once you start using these cheats! The only real reason for any player to not use hacks is that anti-cheat will catch up to them and ban them sooner or later.

This isn’t a problem at all in this case though, as offers undetected Black Ops Cold War hacks that help you avoid problems. Their brilliant hacks will help you with stealth, combat, and much more, and you should definitely give them a shot as there is no risk at all!

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