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Flexiv Launches 100th Adaptive Robot

The company also released its new product, Rizon 4s

Flexiv, the world-leading robotics company that created the first adaptive robot Rizon, has announced it has completed production of its 100th robot, marking significant progress in the mass production of adaptive robots, at the Force-Controlled Robotics Forum 2020 in Foshan, China.

At the forum, Flexiv showcased its newest version of the adaptive robot, Rizon 4s, featuring stronger force control performance, better disturbance-rejection abilities and multi-contact force control.

Rizon reaches a new milestone with the launch of its 100th adaptive robot

Rizon, independently developed and produced by Flexiv, is the world’s first adaptive robot, which integrates industrial-grade force control, machine vision and AI technology.

“Traditional robots can handle only limited trajectory-based tasks in structured environments. However, adaptive robots are able to adapt themselves to complex and varying work environments and accomplish complex tasks through the use of humanlike hand-eye coordination. This greatly improves the level of flexibility and productivity in the production process,” said Shiquan Wang, founder and CEO of Flexiv.

Shiquan Wang, founder and CEO of Flexiv, spoke at the event

“Adaptive robots provide added value to a number of key industries including automotive, electronic 3C, general industries, medical and logistics. They offer a one-stop solution in applications such as plugging and assembling, curved-surface polishing and material handling.”

“Flexiv’s self-developed and self-produced adaptive robot represents the future direction of a new generation of robots,” said Oussama Khatib, President of the International Foundation of Robotics Research and Director of Stanford Robotics Lab.

Oussama Khatib, President of the International Foundation of Robotics Research and Director of Stanford Robotics Lab, spoke remotely at the event.

“Torque control is a key capability for the new compliant robot, which is fundamental for a host of new emerging applications in robotics. I’m looking forward to furthering our collaboration with Flexiv to help bring more technical innovations and increase benefit to society.”

Since ushering in a new generation of robotics with the launch of the world’s first adaptive robot at the Hannover Messe in April 2019, Flexiv has this year completed the release of its main technology, products and industrial solutions, in the process securing cooperation with a number of world-leading companies.

It also built its own factory enabling mass production, while obtaining recognition from the market, government, industry associations and well-known certification bodies in terms of its product design, technical research and business solutions.

Rizon 4s brings better force control performance

At the forum, Flexiv also launched the new member of its adaptive robot family, Rizon 4s.

Rizon 4s features more advanced built-in sensors than Rizon 4, enabling finer force sensing and force control capabilities, stronger disturbance-rejection abilities and multi-contact force control.

Rizon 4s broadens the scope of adaptive robot applications, helping Flexiv better serve a wide range of industries, satisfy more complex customer needs, and provide more cost-effective and flexible automation solutions.

Rizon 4s with better force control performance

Rizon 4s is designed to complete tasks requiring high-performance force control and in more complex environments or even limited work spaces, such as high-precision assembling, high-curvature surface polishing, and operation tasks with high disturbance.

The product represents the successful commercialization of Flexiv’s research in the field of force control technology and brings more possibilities for the company’s future business.

The audience is visiting Flexiv’s showroom

In 2020, Flexiv secured cooperation agreements with leading firms in 3C electronics and automobile manufacturing, deploying adaptive robots in production applications including high-precision assembling, grinding and polishing, effectively improving the yield and flexibility of the production line, while some applications have been replicated with repeated orders.

About Flexiv

Flexiv is a global leading robotics and AI company, focusing on developing and manufacturing adaptive robots which integrate industrial-grade force control, computer vision and AI technologies.

The company provides innovative turnkey solutions and services based on Flexiv robotic systems to customers in a variety of industries. Founded in 2016, Flexiv has established offices in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Foshan.

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