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VPN for IoT devices, is it a good idea?

VPNs have become indispensable online privacy solutions that allow you to protect different IoT devices from various cyber risks like hacking, phishing, data theft, malware, and others comprehensively.

However, not all VPN services provide a great mix of privacy and security features that take your IoT devices’ online privacy to a whole new level.

Therefore, you should try ExpressVPN, a leading VPN service that provides an attractive 30-day refund policy that helps you explore its hidden benefits in detail.

If we talk about different streaming related IoT devices, nothing comes close to Amazon Firestick. However, you cannot watch geo-restricted content on your Firestick device. Luckily, ExpressVPN works great with Firestick, which lets you access your favorite geo-restricted content from anywhere through an eye-catching MediaStreamer feature.

MediaStreamer is a SmartDNS service you can use to watch region-blocked shows, movies, documentaries, and other content on Firestick while maintaining your online privacy from anywhere hassle-free.

Continue reading this post to know why a VPN is a great idea for your IoT devices in 2020.

IoT cybersecurity issues

Unfortunately, cybersecurity issues and IoT devices both go hand in hand. As we live in the post COVID-19 era, millions of people are working from home these days.

But, this trend has resulted in a sudden rise in cyberattacks worldwide. According to a recent FBI report, IoT devices are experiencing 4000 cyberattacks everyday on average.

Likewise, IoT devices are easy to target for hackers, doxers and other cyber terrorists because of their simplicity and ease of use.

Hackers have attacked various IoT devices through DDoS attacks in the past. For instance, a domain name system service was compromised due to DDoS attack.

Consequently, 100,000 IoT devices were infected with the Mirai Malware.

Moreover, IoT devices face other cybersecurity issues like MIMT (Man In The Middle Attack), ransomware, home invasions, IoT-driven financial crimes and others.

Therefore, users are bound to install a VPN app on their desired devices to protect them from these cyber threats successfully.

Factors to consider while selecting a VPN service

Choosing an appropriate VPN service for your IoT devices is not an easy task. For your ease, you can consider the below-mentioned list that consists of different factors that will help you secure your multiple IoT devices with a reliable VPN simultaneously:

Extensive server spread

A VPN service should offer thousands of servers to its users at least. When you use a VPN service that does not have a huge server network in its armory, there are chances you will face issues when selecting your desired server to secure your IoT devices.

Availability of security and privacy features

Your chosen VPN service must provide desirable security and privacy features such as internet kill switch, dedicated IP address, multi-logins, double VPN, no-logging policy, split tunneling, IP leak protection, WebRTC leak security, etc.

When you connect to a VPN service with these amazing features, you can be sure of your online privacy while using any IoT device of your choice.


Compatibility is another decisive feature you should not overlook at any cost at the time of selecting a VPN service.

Your selected VPN service should support numerous operating systems and devices like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, routers, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and others.

This way, you can safeguard your several IoT devices through a single VPN account straightaway.

Other security tools to improve security of IoT devices

VPNs aside, you should use some other tools that can improve security of your IoT devices a great deal. These tools include:


Mitro is a browser-based password manager that protects your online privacy on different IoT devices.

In reality, it saves hundreds of passwords and login details required to access and manage a wide range of users accounts and websites appropriately.

You can install Mitro as a browser extension on browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

GNU Privacy Guard

GNU Privacy Guard primarily works as an encrypted email service that safeguards your official and private communication with your customers and social circle at the same time.

Once you have started using GNU Privacy Guard on your IoT devices, you can send and receive encrypted emails from other users without any trouble.

Hence, you can protect your multiple IoT devices from phishing emails significantly.

AdBlock Plus

Adblock Plus allows you to minimize the number of tracking cookies that are installed on various devices automatically. Furthermore, it prevents the web from showing you annoying ads on your screens.

Wrapping Up

Whether you use smartphones, laptops, PCs, Firestick, smart TVs, and other IoT devices, you will have to deal with numerous cybersecurity issues.

In this situation, VPNs come to your rescue because they can safeguard your digital whereabouts and other sensitive data available on all these devices instantly.

As far as businesses go, they should take appropriate cybersecurity measures to secure their official IoT devices. Otherwise, their official data might fall into the wrong hands.

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