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MIT releases three new reports related to robotics and manufacturing

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has released three new research briefs today from MIT professors and members of the Work of the Future Task Force focused on tech adoption in manufacturing and subsequent workforce impacts.

The briefs break down the adoption of new technologies by US manufacturers as well as the development of new transformative manufacturing technologies: additive manufacturing and industrial robotics.

Specifically, the briefs hone in on three subjects, as listed below.

Manufacturing in America – a View from the Field

Highlights findings from two years of research visiting factory floors across the US exploring why, when and how firms acquire new technology and the implications for workers and skills.

The State of Industrial Robotics – Emerging Technologies, Challenges, and Key Research Directions

Analyzes how to make robots safer, more adaptable, easier to use by less skilled workers, more responsive to the environment and the workers around them, more plugged into production cycles, and better integrated within manufacturing lines.

Additive Manufacturing – Implications for Technological Change, Workforce Development, and the Product Lifecycle

Explores the barriers to Additive Manufacturing’s adoption, commonly known as 3D printing, and the need to address these challenges through policy changes.

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