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VoIP Phone System for Running a Startup From Home

Technology-wise, it is perhaps the best time to create a startup company. You can now easily set up a virtual system, and since it can be entirely based online, this eliminates the need for a physical office. You don’t even need to host the system, as this can be done for you by a VoIP service provider!

But where do you start? This article will provide people with a brief explanation for how to set up an effective VoIP system for their startup business, that can be run entirely from home in the UK, the US, or from anywhere else in the world!

Virtual IP PBX

Let’s get straight to the point. Your business can be operated from home through the implementation of a Virtual IP PBX system. But what is this system exactly? Well, it is essentially a VoIP service that enables you to have multiple virtual phone numbers, together with a system that diverts incoming calls to multiple virtual lines.

In addition, the Virtual IP PBX comes with a range of fantastic and useful phone services that can be added to the system in order to enhance the level of customer service that your setup can achieve.

Key features of the Virtual IP PBX

Not only can you create a virtual office for business, but you can also gain access to an extensive range of services that can truly revamp any existing system you may, or may not currently have. Here are just a few of the excellent features you can add:

IVR Menu

An Interactive Voice Response menu is a brilliant addition to your virtual set up as it can be programmed to provide automated responses that deliver key information to your clients, as well as guiding them directly to you or one of your team.

This is useful in terms of getting people through to the right people or even to prevent the need to talk directly to a customer service advisor (if the answer to their question is provided in the responses). It will also eliminate the time taken to manually divert calls to the appropriate advisors.

Call recording

A handy feature that enables you to keep recordings of calls to analyze the performance of your employees, as well as to use as a reference point in the future if you need to verify client information.

Automated voice greeting message

A simple, but effective feature that makes your startup company a little more professional. You can lend it a personal touch by providing a recording of yourself welcoming the client and discussing some of the options that they have moving forward. You can only make a first impression once, so this is a great way to start your relationship with your client.

Multiple lines

Just like regular PBX systems, virtual ones also have several extensions, but as they are virtual, and therefore not utilizing physical landlines, multiple virtual lines can be established over the internet. This enables you to manage a higher amount of incoming calls, and without having to physically install any infrastructure in order to do so.

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