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Hokuyo’s New LiDAR Released

Hokuyo, a Japanese leading manufacturer of laser scanners (LiDAR), has announced a new product launch in October.

The new LiDAR “UST-30LX” comes with improved performance and outdoor measurement capability.

This new model will be the high-end product of the UST series.

Conventional UST series (UST-05LX, UST-10LX, UST-20LX)

The UST series has been one of the most successful products in the LiDAR industry. The first product family was initially established in 2014.

Since the product release, UST has been known as “a very small and light weight LiDAR” and widely used within the robotic industry. UST is available in different measurement ranges of 5m, 10m and 20m with a 270° field of view.

As well as the distance measurement, the series is also available in area setting models with digital outputs. All these UST models are rated for indoor applications (IP65).


UST-30LX inherits the excellent measurement capability and the very compact external dimension from the conventional UST series. On top of it, UST-30LX has achieved the maximum measurement distance of 30 meters.

A short specification summary of UST-30LX:

  • Measurement range: 30 m with 90% reflectivity (12 m with 10% reflectivity)*
  • Systematic error: ±40mm
  • Statistical error: σ<20mm
  • Angular resolution: 0.25°
  • Scan speed: 25msec
  • External dimension: 70mm × 50mm × 50mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 130g excluding the cable

UST-30LX is designed for outdoor applications. Its ambient light resistance has been improved to 100,000 lx as well as the operation temperature range (-30 to 50℃)*. The scanner is IP67 rated (waterproof) and it has multi-echo capability.

UST-30LX is suitable for outdoor AMR’s environment recognition and obstacle detection. Its compact size and light weight brings also advantages for drone and portable geospatial mapping devices.

* very low temperatures may affect the maximum measurement range

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