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The Digital Transformation of Small Businesses

Digital transformation in the form of technologies, marketing, and data is necessary for businesses to remain relevant in the competitive and ever-changing market.

Recently, word out there is that digital processes override traditional processes. For most small-scale businesses, digitizing their companies can seem intimidating given that most of them operate with a small budget.

When expanding internationally, it can be challenging for small businesses to hire and manage employees abroad.

To thrive abroad, these businesses need to leverage the services provided by an international professional employer organization (PEO), such as Global PEO, or other local alternatives.

A PEO offers a bunch of benefits to small businesses such as:

  • they co-employ workers for you which means that there is shared liability;
  • provide your employees with benefits such as health insurance coverage;
  • manage your staff payroll and remit taxes on your behalf;
  • they reduce your operational costs; and
  • offer your business access to HR services such as onboarding, recruiting as well as training.

When such PEO services and accompanied by digitalization, your business is bound to make huge profits. Nowadays when your business is not online, it appears as if it is non-existent.

There are key areas that small businesses should focus on when it comes to automation. Currently, many tools can be used by small companies for digitalization.

They include:

  • Social media: Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer business owners access to millions of customers. With an account on any of these social media handles, you can promote your brand and secure a huge liking from consumers.
  • Email marketing: This Avenue gives you a chance to customize proportional content and share it with your customers. Good emails should bear catching the subject line to prompt people to open them up, read, and act on them.
  • SEO: If you are optimizing your website, you are missing the whole point of digital transformation. SEO utilizes relevant keywords to cause traffic to your site. Ultimately, the traffic turns into purchases and higher conversion rates.
  • Content creation tools: When you undergo digital transformation, you must begin to create content for the target audience that you wish to sell to. You can make use of tools such as Pablo, Canva, Adobe Spark, Image Quote, as well as Photo Collage, and Pixlr to suit your content needs.
  • Customer service tools: Consumers are always going to have queries that need to be addressed. To ensure customer retention, your small business will need to make use of tools such as Zendesk to respond to customers promptly.

Digital transformation works to benefit both the customers and the business. Here are the advantages of digital transformation for small businesses:

1. Improved customer experience

For all organizations, customer experience is their topmost priority and digital solutions play a vital role in enhancing this user experience.

Consumers are always on the lookout for effective solutions to sort out their problems. To have customers turning to them, small businesses make use of social media to identify challenges faced as well as get input on ways to improve their services.

2. Improves departmental collaboration

With digital transformation, people have access to massive data which can be analyzed to make businesses more efficient.

The processes implemented to achieve such efficiency will promote the productivity of your teams. When teams are working in collaboration, they can communicate effectively with consumers. Such smooth communication builds trust and promotes consumer satisfaction.

3. Promotes profitability

For small businesses, their major focus is to spend the least and get more profit out of it. Digital transformation enables small scale business owners to make use of the tech tools to achieve such profits.

For instance, you can use digital marketing which is more affordable than traditional marketing. You can also automate your business so that you reduce the number of employees. Such practices will lower your operational costs and enhance your revenue.

4. Enhance business agility

Now that the world has gone digital, there is no turning back. Customers will continue to demand more from service providers. Digital transformations make businesses more agile and innovative when it comes to handling customer demands.

Advantages of going digital

Digital transformation is inevitable. Therefore, if you run a small business, you need to realize that there are so many advantages to going digital.

Upon realization of these benefits, you should start making use of the relevant available tools to transform your business.

With the way, things are shaping up in business, digital transformation is bound to take over. So you better start preparing.

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