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Mobile Robot Safety: Risks, Responsibilities and ROI

Webinar Title:Mobile Robot Safety: Risks, Responsibilities and ROI
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AutoGuide is once again partnering with Robotics and Automation News to bring you their latest webinar. Brought to you on Thursday, 10th December at 4 pm, European time. Efficiency and safety are often said to be the cornerstones of the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) advantage but what this really mean? Safe implementation of AMRs presents opportunities for increased productivity, improved worker conditions, and (surprise) faster ROI.

In this in-depth webinar, you’ll learn:
• The risks inherent in high-payload material transport and how automation can reduce them
• The responsibilities of robot manufacturers, integrators and owners based on standards and regulations
• An overview of risk assessment requirements
• How to break down costs related to safety and incorporate them into ROI calculations
• An example of a Tier 1 auto manufacturer’s “fork free” initiative


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