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Schilling Robotics to integrate Energid software into its Gemini underwater robot

Schilling Robotics has selected Energid’s Actin software to be integrated into what is described as “the world’s most advanced work class remotely operated vehicles”, or ROVs, which are basically underwater robots.

Schilling is a division of TechnipFMC and will integrate Actin into its new automated Gemini ROV System.

Schilling Robotics is leveraging advanced motion control features of the Actin software to enhance the performance and effectiveness of the Gemini manipulators, one of the many break-through features of the Gemini ROV.

The Gemini ROV System is the next generation of advanced work class ROV providing unprecedented productivity and reliability for the most complex deep-water intervention tasks in oil and gas developments worldwide.

With a depth rating of up to 4,000 meters, the ROV has access to over 30 subsea exchangeable tools and can remain subsea for one month, enabling 24/7 operations without recovery for tooling reconfiguration.

Steve Cohan, engineering director, Schilling Robotics, says: “Gemini incorporates our next generation manipulators featuring technology and operating advancements on several levels.

“In addition to integrated hydraulics, electric power and communications, Energid’s Actin software gives us force and motion control features that allow the manipulators to do complex manipulation tasks required for oil and gas field developments more quickly and reliably, with easier operator control.”

Actin has been used in a range of sophisticated robotic control systems spanning industrial, space and medical applications for over 18 years.

The Actin SDK’s broad adaptability and included algorithms are suited for incorporating multiple real time inputs while controlling one or more robotic arm platforms, vastly reducing the normal development times to bring complex robotic applications to market.

Actin’s production-grade, field-tested, control software enables advanced coordinated motion of the Gemini robot arms, automatically handling kinematic and dynamic constraints while optimizing the arm motion in real time.

This allowed the Gemini team to efficiently implement advanced features such as visual servoing and force control.

Neil Tardella, CEO of Energid, says: “It has been a great opportunity for us to participate in the development of the Gemini ROV system and help execute the ambitious goals that the team and Schilling Robotics had for the new Gemini manipulator.

“Together with the team at Schilling, we were able to leverage the advanced features of Actin to enable the manipulators to accomplish difficult tasks in dramatically reduced times. We look forward to assisting the team as they continue to develop and deploy new features on Gemini.”

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