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Techman Robot Collaborates with the Taipei City Department of Education and Siemens

Techman Robot has entered into a Collaboration with the Taipei City Department of Education and Siemens to Cultivate Industry 4.0 Talents from Technical Senior High Schools

Techman Robot, the Taipei City Department of Education, and 7 technical senior high schools has signed an industry-academia collaboration MOU, where over TWD 5.7 million worth of software and hardware equipment was donated to technical senior high schools in Taipei City. In the future, technical training and certificate examination preparation will be conducted to provide students with internship opportunities and talent training courses. The signing ceremony was attended by Taipei City Deputy Mayor Tsai Ping-Kun, principals of the 7 technical senior high schools, and students. They also presented Techman Robot with a certificate of appreciation to commend their contributions to technical education.

According to the Taipei City Department of Education, it is glad to join forces with Siemens and Techman Robot, the second-largest collaborative robot maker in the world, to create a smart factory talent training base at the Automation Training Center in Nangang Vocational High School. Besides the introduction of collaborative robots and smart factory management software, both parties jointly designed smart factory practical courses and further focused on smart robot applications, smart manufacturing, and practical factory operations combining AI and Big Data analysis. It is hoped that through collaborative robot certification and Siemens’ SCE certification, the students will be provided with an internship and prepare for future employment.

The director of TM Academic commented that in order to bridge the gap between current robot certificates and industry requirements, Techman Robot has launched collaborative robot certification courses (beginner/intermediate/advanced) based on the well experience in automation. From single station applications, production line applications, to the implementation of Siemens’ PLC automaton training at smart factories, the course aims to optimize the smart management of factories. The certification course will be launched in 2021, and there will be 4 exam venues in north Taiwan, including one at Nangang Vocational High School, as well as one in central and south Taiwan respectively. An estimated 5,000 applicants nationwide are expected to take the exam next year.

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