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Robotiq launches new robotic bin picking solution

Collaborative robot application specialist Robotiq has introduced a “versatile and affordable” bin picking system which will bring additional proficiency and flexibility to a broad spectrum of mid to high volume manufacturing and processing operations.

In line with the company’s core value of democratising automation, the Robotiq Bin Picking Kit provides a complete solution for locating, picking, handling, and placing flat and cylindrical parts – with rapid set-up that ensures optimal return on investment.

Compatible with Universal Robots, the Kit is particularly well-suited to appliance manufacturing, automotive components, general industry, and metal and plastic products, for applications ranging from stamping, bending, engraving, marking and painting, to deburring, grinding, line feeding and assembly.

Cutting through the complexity of many robotic bin picking systems currently on the market, the Robotiq Bin Picking Kit is compatible with bins of up to 800 x 600 x 450mm, handling parts of a minimum size of 10 x 10 x 5mm or flat parts at least 1.5mm thick.

The Kit comprises proven, high-quality components including the Pickit M-HD camera and software; Robotiq’s acclaimed CoPilot software and their electrical gripper with integrated vacuum generator EPick with extension kit, enabling rapid object detection and picking for both flat and cylindrical parts.

Customers also have access to a range of support: eLearning modules and application coaches set clear expectations on feasibility and cell throughput, while expert gripping and cobot guidance is available at every stage.

Nicolas Lauzier, product manager at Robotiq, explains: “Historically, many automation engineers have found it difficult to understand which types of applications are most suitable for robotic bin-picking, while it has been highly challenging to determine the technical feasibility of bin picking applications without proof of concept”.

“Furthermore, there has been no complete solution available, meaning companies have had to work with different suppliers for their application. However, with the move to Industry 4.0 and beyond, we believe the requirement for more flexible automation – over and above that achievable with mechanical part feeders – will only increase.

“Given current economic context, companies cannot continue asking for repetitive and unrewarding tasks such as machine tending and line feeding, so versatile robotic bin picking will increasingly become the preferred solution.

“Our system has been specifically designed to make robotic bin-picking achievable even for smaller companies who do not require a complex solution.

“Direct comparisons with the cost and efficiency of human labour are hard to make, but given that a bin-picking robot will not get distracted and can work uninterrupted for days or even weeks, the potential for a greater number of parts to be handled and accurately placed, is very clear.

“Providing more satisfying work for both the employees and the employers is also a massive motivation to launch this kit and is at the heart of Robotiq’s mission.”

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