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The Five Things You Must Know Before Bringing AMRs into Your Operation

Webinar title: The five things you must know before bringing AMRs into your operation
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AutoGuide is partnering with Robotics and Automation News in their latest webinar. If you are thinking about bringing AMR’s into your operation there are a number of things you should be aware of. AMRs dramatically increase the efficiency and safety of your operation but what do you need to know before bringing them into your enterprise? The experts from AutoGuide will share their knowledge and experience on:

• Crunching the numbers. Calculating your ROI so you know how to analyze your AMR investment.
• Where to begin? The best approach for getting started and picking the right application for day one.
• The “I” word…infrastructure. What you’ll need, and spoiler alert…it’s probably less than you might think.
• Working and playing well with others. Ensuring your existing technology and management systems can not only co-exist with, but thrive alongside, new AMR systems.
• Flexibility, it isn’t just for yoga. In an ever-changing and very unpredictable world, finding AMR technology that can grow and adapt with your operation isn’t just a nice-to-have anymore.

Attend this webinar before making your next move.

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