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Home automation: A surprising connection between sleep and technology

Inventors have been tossing around the idea of home automation for over a century. But while the concept isn’t as stunning and futuristic as it once was, home automation is alive and well.

A few years ago, experts estimated that over 45 million smart home devices would be put into service in the U.S. by 2018. Here are some of the ways automation is changing the way its users sleep.

Making More Space in Small Homes
If you’re living in cramped quarters, home automation offers a way to use one room as a bedroom at night and an exercise room or playroom during the day. A robotic system makes it all possible.

The bedroom furniture lifts automatically at the touch of a button or even by voice command. The bed, closet, and nightstands stay up against the ceiling until you’re ready to go to sleep.

Temperature and Air Quality Control
Most people sleep better in a cool room but enjoy having more warmth during the day. A programmable thermostat allows you to set the temperature to get warmer in the daytime and cooler at night.

You set it, forget it, and don’t have to bother with it every morning and evening. Of course, you’ll want to know where to buy a good mattress with excellent airflow for cooler sleep. But that’s simple. Just go online to 1StopBedrooms and order if for delivery.

You can choose a system that also monitors the air quality in your home. Since indoor air quality is typically worse than outdoor, it makes sense to stay alert to changes.

Light and Sound
You can set up your lights, music, or even your TV to come on and go off at the times you always want them. Then, whenever you want to break from the pattern, you can use voice control to turn them off or even adjust the volume quickly.

Whether you prefer to sleep in silence or like to listen to soft music as you drift off, you can set your system up to accomplish it.

Occupancy Awareness
Occupancy awareness is a home automation feature many people still haven’t heard of or seen. Occupancy awareness systems use meters and environmental sensors to keep track of the number of people in your home at any given time.

Why does that matter? The system can then adjust your heating or cooling and respond in various ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Even when you’re asleep, the system relies on the occupancy level to create the perfect indoor environment.

Safe Sleeping
It’s comforting to know that you’ll be safe through the night. Many home automation devices can help you with that. Smoke, fire, and CO alarms ensure you’ll know if those dangers are lurking in your home while you sleep.

Automated security systems keep you safe from intruders. You can even monitor or turn them on and off remotely by going online or using your smart device.

Today’s home automation systems and devices are more fascinating than ever. They not only make daytime living simpler. They also provide you with a safe, comfortable, convenient night’s sleep.


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