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Prepare your house for easy cleaning with a robot cleaner

Thoroughly cleaning out your home can take a whole lot of time. Some tricks could ensure your home is always clean and tidy.

This is a step by step guide on how to keep your home ready for your robot cleaner.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to:
• Appreciate the usefulness of a charging dock
• Identify what obstacles to take out
• Spot things that could distort the gadget

In short, if you’re curious about the complete process (and don’t want to ruin the device in the process), you’ll love this guide. So, let’s get started.

Clear out the charging dock
The charging dock of your robot cleaner serves way more than just charging the device. It is regarded as the base of operations, and your robot cleaner always refers to the dock. Since your robot cleaner has a sensor, it uses it to triangulate and calculate the cleaning area.

So, it is essential that you can give the robot cleaner enough space around the charging dock. This would help it navigate much more comfortable and clean more effectively.

Take out all the obstacle
Cords and cables lying around the area to be cleaned have a way of obstructing your robot cleaner’s functions. It could get tangled up or cause an electrical obstruction when the robot goes about its duty.
There are times that the robot cleaner may even get stuck amid the chaos.

Take up the chairs
If you have a robot vacuum that doesn’t take note of furniture or is not compact enough to get under them, you would need to help out. You can do this by taking up the chairs for the vacuum to have a free flow.

If there is not enough space in the room for a flip, you can move the chairs to the next room. This would allow you to clean out the room with more ease and enable your robot cleaner.

Light up the dark floors and areas
The robot’s sensors may detect the dark sides of the room as emptiness. This would cause the anti-fall sensors to set in and prevent it from cleaning those areas. So, I would suggest that you turn on the lights in those areas or add more if you think they are insufficient.

Also, if you have dark tiles and carpets, they may affect your robot cleaners and trigger the sensor. So, you can light up the floors to or be safer, you could choose ones that show a bit more color.

Clean out any water
Electrical gadgets and water can be a terrible mix. It could cause them to spark, initiate electric shocks, or even stop them from working on a general note. So, if you have water spilled in any part of the room, ensure that you clean it out and wait till it dries up before you introduce your device.

Cover up the risky spots
If there are areas in your home or the room that could trap your robot cleaner, then you should take note of them. You can place obstacles that would act as walls and prevent your robot cleaner from getting there.

However, some robot cleaners have sensors that create a virtual wall to combat this.

Now it’s your turn…
I hope you enjoyed this guide on preparing your house for easy cleaning using a robot cleaner.

Now, I’d like to hear your opinions:
Did you still have issues cleaning your home?
Do you think this was all you needed to start cleaning?
Either way, share your thoughts with me in the comment section.


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