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Fyusion unveils automated vehicle inspections solution

Fyusion, which enables the creation of beautiful 3D images with deep AI understanding, today announced its entry into the vehicle inspection market with the launch of Fyusion Inspect, a fully automated damage analysis and condition reporting tool built on its pioneering ALIS AI platform. Fyusion Inspect produces highly accurate and consistent vehicle condition reports based on 3D images, which can be captured by most smartphones via a simple, guided process.

Ideal for any workflow that requires assessments of vehicle condition, including wholesaling, trade-in appraisal, lease-end inspections, and fleet management, Fyusion Inspect simplifies the inspections process, enables more consistent and objective reporting, and reduces the financial burden of using on-site professional vehicle inspectors.

Fyusion Inspect is said to provide the following key features:
3D image generation to use as the basis for damage detection
Image capture with a smartphone that is easy enough for a consumer to handle
Industry leading AI-based damage analysis
Detailed condition reporting output
An end-to-end SaaS solution that guarantees damage detection accuracy
Application- and SDK-based offerings to enable partners to integrate damage analysis into comprehensive solution suites

“Fyusion is the only company to combine proven 3D capture technology with robust artificial intelligence and integration tools in a highly scalable, enterprise-ready software solution,” said Radu Rusu, CEO of Fyusion. “Through our work imaging and merchandising vehicles for some of the world’s largest automotive wholesalers and retailers, we have deep industry experience and advanced AI that enables us to enter the automated inspections market with the most powerful, comprehensive offering available.”

Like the human eye, Fyusion Inspect sees in 3D, allowing it to assess damages from multiple perspectives for greater accuracy than other solutions which rely on flat, two-dimensional photos. Users can immediately view the 3D images they create, and can even see inspection results right away. Inspect can be augmented with expert auditing of all condition reports.

“Improvements in artificial intelligence and computer vision are revolutionizing every aspect of the automotive industry, and condition reports are no different,” said Paul Maximov, CEO, AutoMobile Technologies. “We look forward to joining Fyusion at the forefront of this change as we move towards a more automated inspections process to better serve our customers.

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