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Popular Game Development Partner Services

The large number of game development companies are rapidly increasing. Especially with the rise of how popular gaming is with the younger demographics that are discovering their love for gaming.

With more games being developed, it opens up opportunities for companies to use a game development partner to produce their new games with better quality and speed.

Below are some of the important services that game development partners offer and how they can help bring your project to life. There are a ton of different features out there, but these are a couple of the most common services that are offered.

Game Testing

Even though game testing sounds enjoyable and sounds like something that everyone wants to do, it really isn’t. Game testing is playing the game, but in a way that you are looking for glitches and bugs in the game.

A lack of testing could be the major downfall of your video game that you are developing. Bugs and glitches need to be avoided because at a certain point the customers are just going to want a refund and to play something else.

Nothing ruins a game’s reputation more than it is filled with bugs and glitches, and that is why you could outsource your game testing. The game development company PingleStudio offers services like this, and it has proven to be effective in reducing or eliminating the number of bugs in a finished game.


To reach a bigger audience, a game development company has several options. The most popular option is porting, which is essentially bringing a game to a new platform. Without getting into too much technical talk, it takes a lot of manpower to port a video game, especially if it is a big game.

Instead of putting too much work on the interior team of the company, it could be smart to outsource the porting process. If it will take less time, then that is more time than your team can be fixing the game and working on projects that they are familiar with.

Time-consuming tasks like porting are smart to outsource because it frees up time for the employees of a game development company.

Art and Animations

Another thing to point out with outsourcing to a game development partner is that art and animations can be done by outside professionals.

Outsourcing to people that are artists and have more creativity is better than just winging it with people that are not experienced in doing animations and art. It is smart to not get tripped up by tasks that your team is not experienced in, and the cost of outsourcing is worth it if it was going to be a huge headache anyway.

Those are just 3 key services that a lot of game development partners possess, along with many other examples. Things like co-development and even full-cycle development are offered with a lot of partners also.

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