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Where to Buy Street Signs?

Road signs on city streets and county highways are important markers that let travellers know where they are, help them see if they’re going in the right direction, and allow them to judge how far they still have to travel. Before street signs, the world was a much more frightening place to travel.

The good news is that there are street signs to help guide traveller’s paths in nearly every country around the world. These signs are instrumental for giving people hope, keeping them on the right paths, and providing them with a sense of control over their travels because they know, to some degree, where they are.

You might be surprised to learn how important street signs are. However, if you’ve ever been looking for a street to make a turn and found the sign to be missing, you understand how frustrating it can be when the signs aren’t clearly displayed and where they are supposed to be.

These street and traffic signs matter. That is why quality and durability when exploring street signs for sale are just as important as clarity and visibility.

How Valuable is Good Street Signage to Motorists?

Why are street and traffic signs so important to people on the roads today? First, let us explore the information these signs deliver. There are three essential types of signs you will find on the roads today:

  • Regulatory signs.
  • Warning signs.
  • Informational signs.

Regulatory signs include things like speed limits, U-turn information, stop signs, yield signs, road closure signs, truck route signage, and even railroad crossing signs.

These are signs that reveal important information about things for which you can receive citations for ignoring. More importantly, they exist to promote safety for all who travel.

Warning signs are different in that they warn drivers of events ahead so they can adjust their driving accordingly. This includes things such as:

  • Dangerous curves.
  • Roads or bridges out.
  • Lane transition warnings.
  • Speed bumps ahead.
  • Road work ahead.

Marker signs are the final types of signs you’ll find on roads today and these are the ones that help people find their way when travelling, understand where they are, and know how far they have to go. These signs include:

  • Street name signs.
  • Junction signs.
  • Mile markers.
  • Alternative route signs.
  • Exit signs.

Why are they so important? Signs help drivers understand what is ahead of them, so they know they are going in the right direction for one. But the most important thing they do is allow drivers to understand the rules of the road where they are so they can drive safely in a wide range of circumstances.

7 Most Common Street Signs in the Country

If you pay attention while driving, it will not take long to see that there are countless road signs and traffic signs on the roads you travel. From street signs to traffic signs to warning signs, the roads are full of signs. These are some of the most common street signs in the United States.

Stop signs: Sometimes you may even find stop ahead signs on highways letting you know to slow down before you can see the sign.

Yield signs: While not as common as stop signs, they are just as important, letting drivers know they are to yield to traffic rather than driving out into it.

Speed limit signs: Those cursed signs are points of abundant pain for many lead-footed drivers, but they do exist to maintain safe driving speeds in cities, towns, and highways across the country.

Road work ahead signs: They seem to be everywhere and multiply faster than the most prolific of bunnies. These traffic signs let you know that traffic ahead may be slow, impaired, or completely stopped due to road construction.

No U-turn signs: These signs signal that U-turns are not allowed in this area and you should keep driving to the next available turn.

Deer crossing: Far more widespread than “rock falling” signs, the deer crossing signs signal that deer frequently dart out into traffic creating hazardous conditions for drivers – especially during normal deer hunting seasons.

Low clearance signs: Usually used to signify low clearance for tunnels and bridges, these signs inform taller than normal vehicles that they may not fit and can damage the vehicles, bridges, and tunnels by attempting to go pass underneath.

There are countless other signs you commonly see across the country including street name signs, school zone signs, railroad crossing signs, and hospital signs. So many signs that you may not even notice most of them until you are in unfamiliar territory and need them to help you find your way.

Where Can I Buy Street Signs for Sale?

If you are looking for street signs for sale, you have come to the right place. Work Safe Traffic Control Industries Inc specializes in road signs and traffic signs that promote safe driving conditions for all.

We understand the need for safe roads across the country and the important role traffic signs play in creating these safer driving conditions.

Not only are our signs easy to read in daytime and nighttime driving conditions, but they are also made to be durable, so they last many years. In addition to traffic signs and other standard road signs, we also offer signposts and the hardware you need to fasten the signs securely.

Where Can I Rent Street Signs?

Not everyone needs to purchase road signs for long-term use. Some people need them for temporary conditions, such as detour notices, road work signage, and more.

Those who need temporary road signs often find they do not need street signs for sale but are more interested in traffic signs for rent. We can handle your road sign rental needs as well so that you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for affordability.

Work Safe Traffic Control Industries Inc. is here to help with all your needs when it comes to road signs. Whether you are looking for street signs for sale or road sign rentals, we have a wide selection of quality signs for you to choose from. Contact us today to learn more about your traffic control equipment options and the many reasons you can count on us for all your traffic signage needs.


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