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Techman Robot establishes new training center in Taiwan

Techman Robot, a manufacturer of collaborative robots, has established a new training center in Taiwan.

Affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the global economic situation, the industrial supply chain has been reorganizing, and the return of manufacturers has emerged.

In response to the demand for new and expanded production capacity, Techman Robot announces its cooperation with its distributor, Juyao Automation, to establish a flagship training center in Southern Taiwan to services end customers and automation manufacturers in that area.

Techman Robot, a pioneer of collaborative robots and intelligent vision systems, trains at least 1,000 engineers each year from the automation industry locally and abroad.

The surge in automation demand in the past two years has driven robotic training courses, and Techman Robot has finished around 2,500 training courses in total.

This year, they will expand the establishment of Techman Robot’s southern training center to serve the semiconductor and panel industries.

This provides new training options and immediate service for manufacturers in the Central Science Park and is expecting to meet a monthly automation training count of 80 customers.

Techman Robot has chosen Juyao Automation to jointly establish the Automation Training Center since they have more than ten years of experience in factory automation.

Juyao Automation also assists customers to plan factory integration of precision machinery systems. With their vast experience in automation courses, they will help serve Techman Robot’s customers in central Taiwan and southern regions.

Facing the arrival of Industry 4.0, the innovation of automation software and hardware for manufacturing is quickly arising. The cultivation of automation talents is also in urgent need.

How talents use smart manufacturing to maximize benefits is also an important key to leading the successful transformation of the automation industry.

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