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Trends in Robotics to Look Out for This Year

Do you know much about the robotics industry and the common trends within this? Find out more about these trends here in this article as we discuss.

The robotics industry is one that has been evolving and growing over recent years. New developments in the industry have allowed both individuals and larger corporations to perform certain tasks in a much more efficient way.

As the robotics industry continues to evolve, we are looking toward the future and the trends that we expect to see. Read on to hear what we think you should look out for in this industry this year.

Big Team Ups

In the robotics industry, many companies have found that teaming up with others who can offer something a bit different is extremely beneficial. For this reason, we believe that the rest of 2020 and early 2021 will see more team-ups by these robotics companies.

This will include mobile robot companies joining forces with gripper companies in order to create something truly spectacular. In reality, it makes more sense to team up rather than to try and build something with little to no experience.

Large Acquisitions

The robotics industry has received a lot of investment over the years from investors such as Tej Kohli, Techstars and Comcast. These investments have boosted the industry and allowed for some start-ups to really put their stamp on robotics in general.

However, later this year, we expect to see some acquisitions by larger companies who see the potential that this industry and the companies within it have. Just look at what Amazon did with Kiva Systems – this is set to become a big trend.

Scaled Up Inventory In Retail

Another trend that we expect to see in 2020 and early 2021 involves the inventory that is held by retailers. As robots become more mainstream, it is expected that retailers in warehouses will be able to increase their number of SKUs. In order to do this without robots, additional labour would be required and this isn’t always cost-effective. With robots, however, this will be much easier and much more common over the coming years.

Reduced Debate On Type Of Robots

Finally, there has been a large debate over whether cobots or industrial robots are more effective over recent years. However, the future trend that we are looking at involves this debate going away and companies focusing on the task at hand rather than the individual robot. It is fair to say that both of these types of robots are effective and we don’t need to choose one type going forward. Both can prosper in 2021.

Final Verdict

If you pay any attention to the robotics industry, you should consider all of these upcoming trends and watch out for them. This industry is set to become extremely profitable as more companies realise that they could use robots within their organisation.

The future of the robotics industry isn’t quite known but we can expect these trends to become apparent over the coming year. It is very likely that we will one-day rely on robots to perform many tasks.

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