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Inspectorbots announces the Pan/Tilt Minibot

The Pan/Tilt Minibot, also known as PTM, is one model in a line of small, portable inspection platforms offered by

PTM is a rugged, reliable inspection platform. This small bot features a Go Pro camera mounted on a pan/tilt mechanism which, in turn, is mounted to an all-aluminum crawler.

This vehicle can capture and record high definition (up to 4k) video or stills.

Live video feed is sent to an operator who uses the pelican case mounted display to navigate the PTM in a full range of environments.

Careful attention to the aesthetics of the vehicle was an important consideration in the design process.

Aircraft grade anodized aluminum plates not only give this platform protection from harsh environments but give it a rugged, high-tech appearance.

The PTM boasts air-filled rubber, off-road tires, onboard LED lights that shine wherever the operator “looks”.

It also features a zero radius turning which means that it can rotate on itself. This has been proven to be very handy for crawl space inspections.

Designed primarily for industrial applications, building inspection, investigation and security, The Pan/Tilt Minibot is a 4-Wheel-Drive, all-electric platform with the ability to climb 30 degree inclines.

Standing only 10 inches tall, the PTM is perfect for confined space inspection.

The PTM has multiple applications including: inspection, law enforcement, security, scientific and other Industrial uses.

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