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6 River Systems Announces Wave of Enhancements at FLOW 2020

6 River Systems (6RS), part of Shopify Inc., a leading global commerce company, announced during its second annual user conference, FLOW 2020, a series of enhancements to its wall-to-wall fulfillment solution to help senior-level warehouse operators further improve site management, gain more concrete business transparency across singular or multiple sites and accelerate their return on investment.

“We have developed a strategic product roadmap at 6RS to find and address the next level of efficiencies to help our customers meet ever-changing demand and drive value to their own customers,” says David Vallance, Director of Product at 6 River Systems. “We’ve grown from providing picking robots to supporting inbound to outbound tasks within the four walls of the warehouse. Our latest set of enhancements are another exciting step forward in the evolution of our company and our industry.”

To provide more visibility into operations and increase efficiency, 6RS developed The Bridge, an overarching tool that connects the data from what’s happening on the ground in a physical warehouse operation to an intuitive cloud-based control center. This tool gives customers the ability to fine tune and control each aspect of their operation and optimize their warehouse to meet the unique needs of the business by leveraging the following features:

SLA Management: Monitor how an operation is tracking to its SLA commitments through enhanced order management and order tracking functionality.
Embedded Operational Dashboards: Visibility into key metrics and data that help operators understand and monitor the health of their systems, giving them the power to proactively fix issues to keep the operation moving smoothly.
Exception Management: Resolve exceptions on orders with just the click of a button and a little help from Chuck.
Additional updates to the system that increase visibility into warehouse operations include:

Site Simulations: Improve labor planning and SLA compliance with simulation tools that show the impact of changes in demand and service levels. This service helps all clients quickly understand the benefits the solution could bring to their operation.
Actionable Insights: Increase operations performance and realize continuous improvement. Order information from the customer’s system of record and operational performance data from 6RS are combined to enhance operations visibility.
To further support all operations within the warehouse, 6RS has also announced the following wall-to-wall product enhancements:

Inbound Dock Support: Leverage host system information to optimize the efficiency of receiving, article inspection and putaway tasks by guiding associates through their work using intuitive software prompts.
Count and Move: Access host system information to optimize tracking, counting and move assignments.
Optimized Packout: Improve packout efficiency and reduce outbound shipping costs. Cartonization functionality, made possible through 6RS’ partnership with Packsize, utilizes product size and weight information to ensure the most economical shipper box or envelope is used.
Improved Picking: Achieve optimal productivity and SLA compliance through improved allocation algorithms that groups tasks more intelligently to minimize associate travel.

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