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Softbank Robotics launches automation analytics software for its floor scrubber

SoftBank Robotics America (SBRA) has elevated the ability to enable continuous data delivery for the health and safety of indoor spaces, via an enterprise-grade application and dashboard called Whiz Connect.

As part of the Whiz solution, Whiz Connect centralizes customer automation portfolios, empowering users and stakeholders to make informed decisions on their occupant experience, optimize their Whiz fleet, and quantify the value of robotics in their workplace.

“Whiz with Whiz Connect is part of the heightened, people-first standard for our surroundings in this critical time. Providing continuous data, access and collaboration is at the core of how cobotics and technology can help simplify and rebuild trust in workplace wellness,” said Brady Watkins, Senior Vice President and General Manager of SBRA.

“Through Whiz Connect and the power of BrainOS, our partners incorporate actionable data and intelligence into the collaborative effort of workplace safety, cleanliness.”

Whiz Connect combines telemetry from Whiz units with data analytics, machine learning, and a responsive user experience that enables users to enhance the management of their physical environment.

While Whiz works, Whiz Connect captures its coverage and frequency, and helps determine time freed that can be invested elsewhere. Whiz Connect features SMS alerts, sent directly to the Whiz user’s phone, to notify when Whiz starts, when it finishes an autonomous route, and other messages.

These alerts provide the Whiz operator freedom to work on other tasks while helping teams better manage their time and workflow.

“Whiz Connect is the first data dashboard of its kind, and comes as part of my robotics subscription,” said Kelvis Quaynor, Executive Vice President at Ganir & Co Pacific Rim Commercial Services.

“Just like how people smile and seem reassured to see Whiz continuously cleaning their hotel or office, the data reporting allows me to alleviate my customers’ concerns about the health impacts of one of the biggest air filters in their space – carpet.”

Whiz is powered by BrainOS, the award-winning cloud-connected AI software platform for building, deploying and supporting commercial autonomous robots at scale. Whiz Connect delivers Whiz’s operating data as end-user insights.

Launched in North America last fall, Whiz is now the most widely used autonomous professional cleaning robot by sales. It has earned the 2019 ISSA Innovation Award for Equipment and won silver in the Electronics and Information Technology category of the 2020 Edison Awards.

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