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Webinar: New Safety Standards Addressing Industrial Mobile Robots

Webinar title: New Safety Standards Addressing Industrial Mobile Robots
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SICK Sensor Intelligence is partnering with Robotics and Automation News to bring you a new and timely webinar about a subject that many people may not realise has been somewhat neglected.

Readers of this website will know that a very large number of mobile robots – mostly for operation in warehouses – are currently being sold in the market.

Along with the e-commerce boom, the autonomous mobile robots segment has experienced spectacular growth.

However, many people may not realise that there are currently no safety standards which specifically address autonomous mobile robots in detail.

The standards that do cover autonomous mobile robots mainly address other technologies such as autonomous trucks or some similar technology.

To rectify this situation, industry associations and robotics experts are working together to develop a brand new set of safety standards specifically for autonomous mobile robots.

One of those experts is Chris Soranno, Safety Standards and Competence Manager at SICK.

In this webinar, Soranno will provide an overview of, and deep insights into, the current discussions around the subject and the possible outcomes.

This will enable builders and operators of autonomous mobile robots, as well as systems designers and engineers, to prepare for the new regulatory environment and gain a competitive advantage through having clear and accurate information.

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